Former NFL GM has high praise for Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes

Former NFL GM has high praise for Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes.

Former NFL GM has high praise for Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes

Since Brad Holmes took on the role of general manager for the Detroit Lions in January 2021, he has been on a transformative journey with head coach Dan Campbell, aiming to revamp a roster that was left in shambles by former Lions GM, Bob Quinn. Fast forward to the present and Holmes and Campbell have the Lions on the brink of clinching their first division championship since 1993.

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Scott Pioli Praises Brad Holmes analyst Scott Pioli, who is a former NFL GM, said that Holmes is one of his top five candidates for the NFL Executive of the Year Award for the 2023 season.

Hired in 2021 as part of a culture change, Holmes has routinely added the right pieces to build a playoff contender through free agency and, most importantly, the draft,” Pioli wrote. “A key component of Holmes’ success is that he has an aligned vision with head coach Dan Campbell. Holmes has put a premium on acquiring players who match the makeup and profile they collectively believe in.

Why it Matters

Holmes' nomination as one of the five candidates for NFL Executive of the Year by Scott Pioli of is a testament to his remarkable achievements. Holmes's strategy has been a combination of shrewd draft choices and smart free-agent acquisitions. This blend of talent scouting and cap management has been crucial in the Lions' resurgence.

His vision, aligned with Coach Campbell’s, emphasizes acquiring players who fit their collective philosophy, thereby molding a team that’s not just skilled but also cohesive in its identity and approach.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Brad Holmes‘ leadership has revitalized the Detroit Lions into playoff contenders.
  2. Key draft picks and free agent acquisitions have transformed the team’s roster and cap situation.
  3. Holmes is a strong candidate for the 2023 NFL Executive of the Year.

The Bottom Line – Holmes: Architect of the Lions’ Renaissance

Brad Holmes's candidacy for the 2023 NFL Executive of the Year is more than justified by the remarkable turnaround he has orchestrated for the Detroit Lions. His adept handling of the draft, free agency, and overall team strategy has repositioned the Lions as a formidable force in the NFL. Holmes's impact transcends mere wins and losses; it's about changing the narrative of a franchise and instilling a winning culture. As the Lions continue their ascent, Holmes’s vision and execution stand as a testament to effective and innovative leadership in sports management. His work with the Lions is not just about rebuilding a team; it's about redefining a legacy.