George Kittle says Detroit Lions got ‘Complete steal’ in Sam Laporta

George Kittle says as many great things about Detroit Lions TE Sam LaPorta as I say about my own son!

In a recent appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, San Francisco 49ers star tight end George Kittle had high praise for Sam LaPorta, the rookie tight end selected by the Detroit Lions in the 2023 NFL draft. In fact, Kittle confidently proclaimed LaPorta as the best player in his position to emerge from college this year.

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George Kittle says Detroit Lions got ‘Complete steal’ in Sam Laporta

According to Kittle, the Lions made a significant steal by acquiring LaPorta, and he expects the young tight end to make a substantial impact on the field. Kittle's endorsement not only highlights LaPorta's potential but also generates excitement among Lions fans, who eagerly anticipate his contributions to the team.

“LaPorta is going to be fantastic,” Kittle said. “I think Laporta’s the best tight end in the draft class. I think the Lions got a complete steal. I like the other tight ends too, but I spent two weeks training with Sam LaPorta, and the way he moves — oh yeah, he’s got the dog in him. He’s kind of quirky, he’s kind of goofy, too. He’s going to fit in well.”

“When you train with someone, whether it’s in the weight room or running routes with them, things I look for is when you’re running, do you have a forward lean? Can you get out and you’re still accelerating through 10 yards? Or do you stand straight up and you look like a brick wall moving slowly? A lot of people look like that, so he’s got a nice forward lean, and he’s got great hips, if we’re being honest.”

Key Points

  • George Kittle, a renowned tight end, commends Sam LaPorta as the top player at his position from the 2023 college draft class.
  • Kittle spent two weeks training with LaPorta and believes the Lions made a remarkable acquisition.
  • LaPorta's movement, athleticism, and work ethic impressed Kittle during their training sessions.
  • Kittle's endorsement adds to the excitement surrounding LaPorta's potential impact on the Detroit Lions.

Bottom Line – LaPorta's Arrival Sets the Stage for Success

The endorsement from Kittle serves as a ringing endorsement of LaPorta's abilities and the value he brings to the Lions. Fans eagerly await the upcoming season to witness LaPorta's performance and see how his skills translate to the professional level. With Kittle's stamp of approval, it is clear that LaPorta has the potential to become a standout player and a vital asset for the Lions' offense.


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