Hard Knocks producer reveals what will shock the fans about Dan Campbell

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Detroit Lions Hard Knocks

It is almost time for the premiere episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions and to say that people around these parts (and Lions fans everywhere) are excited would be an understatement.

During a recent interview with ESPN, Ken Rogers, who is the lead creative producer of “Hard Knocks” explained why this year’s edition of the docuseries will be extra special.

“Detroit is one of those towns that has football in its blood, and it’s such a huge sports town, and they’re really waiting and crying for this success that they hope is coming,” said Ken Rodgers, lead creative producer of “Hard Knocks.” “You can see it on the streets. You can hear it in the music; I know that’s an Eminem song, too.

“It’s an attitude that shows up when you start filming, and people love that,” he said. “As great as the Cowboys were last season, the Cowboys are a familiar brand that you know you want to watch because you know it’s going to be entertaining. This is a team that you’ve never gotten a chance to know, and you’re going to get to know for the first time and that’s really exciting for us.”

Hard Knocks producer reveals what will shock the fans about Dan Campbell

Hard Knocks producer and director Shannon Furman told ESPN that the Detroit Lions assistant coaches are probably going to have a big role in the docuseries.

“More than ever before, the assistant coaches are probably going to play a bigger role this year than what we’ve seen in previous years with just the pedigree that we have in former players and stuff,” said Shannon Furman, producer and director of “Hard Knocks.” “That’s something that we’re definitely really focused on.”

Rodgers revealed what will shock Detroit Lions fans about Dan Campbell.

“I think what people are going to be shocked by is he’s twice as smart as anyone gives him credit for because of the way he looks, which is bad ass personified,” Rodgers said.

On Monday, Campbell said he is not worried about “winning Hard Knocks.”

“Yeah, I’m not — honestly, I’m not even worried about it,” he said Monday. “I’m not worried about ‘Hard Knocks,’ I’m not worried about winning ‘Hard Knocks.’ I’m just worried about trying to get this team better and see if we can win some games here, which is the whole point of this.”

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Nation, what are you most looking forward to seeing on Hard Knocks?

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