Hey Sparty! Here’s WHY you’re going to LOSE to Michigan!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Rob Otto graduated from Central Michigan University, so he is TOTALLY a Wal-Mart Wolverine!) – Read the MSU fan's Response to this article


I am sure Michigan State quarterback Brendan Lewerke is a fine young man. What? His name is Brian? Really? Well, whatever. This week, Lewerke gets his first taste of the road, and it is going to be with over 100,000 Michigan fans surrounding him. First road start, at The Big House, at night?! What kind of fresh hell is that? Why do the Big Ten schedulers hate Barry Lewerke so much? Dang, it… Brian. If the venue isn’t bad enough for this kid, he has to go up against one of the hardest-hitting defense in college football. Devin Bush, Mo Hurst, Mike McRay, Chase Winovich, and Rashan Gary have to be chomping at the bit to get to Lewerke. They are going to have a number of defensive conferences during the course of this game. They’ll be meeting at the quarterback. I can hear you Spartans now, “But he can scramble, he can run, what happens then?” Whew, you got me there! As a matter of fact, Lewerke is MSU’s leading rusher. And what happens when he gets out of the pocket and is no longer protected by the sanctity of the “protect the quarterback” rules? POW! Florida’s speed couldn’t get around Michigan’s defense, and you think Lewerke is capable of that? Good luck. After this game, his new name is going to be Bradford No-work-ee. Seriously…it’s Brian?!? Meh…I like my way better.


Mark Dantonio loves to think he’s smarter than everybody else on the field. If he can’t beat you straight up (which he can’t), then by golly, he is going to figure out a way to get around you. Little Giants! Mouse Trap! Charlie Brown! Hey, Diddle-Diddle! The Annexation of Puerto Rico!

Purdue coach Jeff Brohm tried some of those tricky things a couple weeks ago. You know how many worked? The one they ran on their first play from scrimmage that went for a first down. Then Michigan’s defense clamped down, and the rest of those oh-so-tricky plays failed miserably, most of them disastrously so. That was a game the Wolverines won by 18 points ON THE ROAD. Dantonio will try to be smart, and end up looking really dumb when it all blows up in his face.


A night game at Michigan Stadium is a big deal. The fact that it is against Sparty makes it even bigger. No self-respecting Wolverine will be giving up their seat this week. With zero fan support inside the stadium, the young Spartans will crumble under the weight of a ferocious defense, a balanced offense, and, most importantly, their own ineptitude, just like last year.

All while the Maize and Blue faithful scream the lyrics to “The Victors”

again and again and again.

Go Blue!