Insider names Detroit Tigers as suitor for Blake Snell

An MLB Insider names Detroit Tigers as a potential destination for LHP Blake Snell.

An MLB Insider names Detroit Tigers as a potential destination for LHP Blake Snell.

With pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez opting out of the final years of his contract, the Detroit Tigers now face a significant gap in their pitching rotation. Speculation arises whether they might set their sights on former Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Blake Snell from the San Diego Padres as a potential solution.

Insider names Detroit Tigers

Snell is a 2-time Cy Young Award winner

In the impressive 2023 season, Snell boasted a notable 14-9 record, maintaining a stellar 2.25 ERA alongside a remarkable 234/99 K/BB ratio, which led to his well-deserved recognition with the 2023 National League Cy Young Award. Originally drafted in the 2011 Draft by the Tampa Bay Rays, he clinched a Cy Young Award in 2018. His journey continued in 2021 when he was traded to the Padres, part of a deal that involved Luis Patiño, Blake Hunt, Cole Wilcox, and Francisco Mejía.

Insider names Detroit Tigers as a potential suitor for Snell

With Rodriguez's impending departure, speculation has emerged about the Tigers' potential interest in Snell. writer Mark Feinsand has identified Detroit as one of the select few teams eyeing the 2-time Cy Young Award winner as a possible addition to their roster.

Detroit Tigers have signed

“With Miguel Cabrera’s nine-figure contract off the Tigers’ books, some payroll space is freed up to use this offseason,” Feinsand said. “Detroit may also have to endure the loss of its ace after Eduardo Rodríguez opted out of his contract to test the free-agent market. The Tigers have a history of spending – they signed Javier Báez to a big deal just two years ago, though that hasn’t worked out well to this point – so if the Tigers decide to make a big splash, doing so at the top of their rotation would make sense.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Tigers received notice that pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has opted out of his contract, paving the way for him to enter free agency.
  2. His departure creates a significant void in Detroit's pitching rotation.
  3. Speculation arises as an writer suggests the Tigers might express interest in pursuing the 2-time Cy Young Award winner, Blake Snell, to potentially fill this gap.

Bottom Line: Would this be a good fit?

Tigers owner Chris Ilitch has demonstrated a willingness to invest significantly, evident in the substantial contract for Javier Baez before the 2022 season. Conversely, Snell is concluding a five-year, $50 million deal initially penned with the Rays.

The decision on whether Tigers President of Hockey Operations Scott Harris will pursue the 2-time Cy Young Award winner for the Motor City remains uncertain. Nonetheless, it's a compelling scenario worth monitoring closely.