It’s Going to be Awhile for Next 3000 Hits Member

A.J. and Matt discuss why you shouldn’t take Miguel Cabrera 3000 for granted as no one else is close

Miguel Cabrera Won’t Have Company Anytime Soon

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Who’s Even Close To 3000 Hits?

AJ: Miguel Cabrera getting 3000 hits should not be taken lightly because it’s going to be a while before we see anybody approach 3000 hits again. The closest one is Robinson Canó with 2,631.

He needs 369 more hits and he’s 39 years old. Next on that list is Yadier Molina. He’s got 2100. He’s not playing after this year. So he won’t reach 3000. Joey Votto at 2035. Maybe he gets there, especially with the DH being in the national league. Now maybe he gets a stick around for a few more years and collects almost a thousand more hits.

But then you get down to José Altuve, Freddie Freeman, even Mike Trout, none of those guys, other than Altuve have over 1500 hits. Nope. Freeman and Altuve have 1700 and Trout’s at 1400. 

Matt: Well Trout’s what, 30?

AJ: Yeah. 

Matt: Trouts 30 now, Freeman and Altuve are both 32. Yeah. That’s a lot of luck of staying healthy while also being good at your job and getting the hits that you need. Universal DH I think will help some of these guys that have that chance.

Previous 3000 Hits Members

It’s going to be awhile before we ever see this again, which is funny because it’s a complete turnaround from what we saw a few years ago where Albert Pujols was the last of four players in four years to get 3000 hits. So you go back to 2015 where there was A Rod, 2016 was Ichiro Suzuki, 2017 was Adrián Beltré.

And 2018 was Albert Pujols. That was the last time you’ve seen someone get 3000 hits.

AJ: Think about this too, is that changing the game?

Matt: Yeah, that’s true, then I think COVID extended this. I think Miggy probably gets to 3000 last year, if the COVID year doesn’t go down the way it does, but the next in line is a long way off.

You look at some of the younger guys coming up, they’re already saying, pay attention to Vladimir Guerrero Jr., pay attention to Ozzie Albies. So those guys are a long way away, about as long away as Miguel Cabrera was when he came to Detroit in 2007. Miguel, when he hit 842 hits 15 years ago. That man did a lot of hitting to catch up. 

AJ: I was listening to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price yesterday as I was doing yard work and it was one of the craziest things I heard and it was just a fantastic call by Dan Dickerson. He’s got to get a shout out there’s articles all over Detroit Sports Nation about Saturday’s historic moment, but they said that Miguel Cabrera collected those 3000 hits off of nearly a thousand different pitchers. Isn’t that crazy?

Matt: That’s a lot of pitchers.

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Written by Amy Price

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