Jamaal Williams throws fire at NFL for fining him $31,000 for TD celebrations

If you are familiar with the work of Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams, you are well aware of the fact that he likes to have fun on the football field. That especially rings true when he scores a touchdown. But, if you are familiar with the work of the NFL, you are well aware of the fact that they don't like it one bit when players go what they believe is “too far” with their on-field celebrations. During the 2022 season, Williams was fined over $31,000 for a pair of fines he was assessed for TD celebrations he performed in Week 3 and again in Week 18.

Jamaal Williams Detroit Lions

The TD Celebrations that cost Jamaal Williams over $31,000

In case you have not yet seen the TD dances that resulted in Williams being fined, we have you covered.

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Week 3 vs. Vikings:

Week 18 vs. Packers

Jamaal Williams blasts NFL

Last week, Williams joined Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown and his brother Equanimeous, who is a former teammate of Williams, and Williams said the NFL is “just being weenies” when it comes to fining him for his TD celebrations.

“Honestly, I feel like I’m not doing nothing wrong. They just being weenies,” Williams said.

“I just feel like they’re trying to take my personality away, my joy,” Williams said. “Because now, I literally have to stop doing it. So now, when I score, I’ma literally just gonna sit down and pout, like a little baby or something.”

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“They wanna fine me, yet put all that stuff up there, brand it, and put me up there and use it,” Williams said. “But they want to take my money, though. Hmm.”

Bottom Line

Jamaal Williams has a big heart and he clearly has fun playing the game of football. When he scores, he likes to have some fun but the NFL feels like his fun is inappropriate, so they continue to fine him. Moving forward, Williams probably will not be doing too much celebrating after he scores a touchdown and that is a real bummer for the fans.

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