Jameson Williams reveals PERFECT advice from OC Ben Johnson

Today in Allen Park at the Detroit Lions training camp, Jameson Wiliams was active at practice and showed out during a Jamyr Gibbs run. According to Jeremy Reisman, Gibbs busted a long run which was sparked by a “helmet-popping” block thrown by Williams. When asked about the block, Jamo revealed the perfect advice offensive coordinator Ben Johnson gave him: “No block, no rock.” A perfect focus for the second-year wide-out.

jameson williams

Why it matters

The significance of Williams' performance extends beyond the field, considering the hurdles he faced at the onset of his NFL career. The lingering effects of an ACL tear kept him sidelined for the majority of the previous season, a setback that was anticipated when he was drafted. While Williams managed to make a memorable touchdown catch, he also grappled with some dropped passes and sideline outbursts. Moreover, a recent six-game suspension for gambling within the team facility further added to the turbulent nature of his journey.

However, today's quote from Williams reflects the profound influence the Lions' coaching staff is having on him. It suggests that the guidance and mentorship he's receiving are molding him into a more disciplined and impactful player, even when the ball is not in his hands. This glimmer of progress amidst adversity provides hope for both Williams' personal growth and his potential contributions to the team's success in the upcoming season. As the Detroit Lions continue to fine-tune their roster, Williams' development becomes an intriguing subplot worth monitoring in the unfolding narrative of the team's future endeavors.

Jameson Williams by the numbers

2022 was a learning year for Jameson and that was expected. He only saw action in six games and one of those games was an introduction to NFL speed as essentially a decoy.

  • In six games, Williams was targeted only nine times.
  • He caught only one of his nine targets for a 41-yard touchdown.
  • He utilized his speed on an end around and had one carry for 40 yards.
  • He was drafted 12th overall in 2022's NFL Draft
  • He faces a six-game suspension to start the 2023 season.