Jared Goff ‘Don’t Care’ If You Respect Him Or Not

Jared Goff has been disrespected by quite a few people, but if you think he cares, you are wrong.

Despite delivering one of his career's best seasons, Detroit Lions quarterback Jard Goff is perceived as not receiving the nationwide respect he deserves. His stellar stats, including going the final nine games of the 2022 season without throwing a single interception, speak volumes about how good he was this past season.

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Jared Goff ‘Don't Care' If You Respect Him Or Not

However, even after rebounding from a career low-point, and proving critics wrong who said he'd never be the same after being let go by the Rams, Goff still faces doubters. This skepticism fuels Goff's ambition as he approaches his third season with the Lions, viewing it as an extra motivation to prove his worth. When asked about the respect he garners from outsiders, Goff simply responded, “I don’t care.” His primary focus remains on winning games for his team.

“You always want to find that edge someway, somehow. That’s a smaller edge for me,” Goff said Tuesday. “I think I’ve got more personal ones that internally fire me up, but yeah, it’s always good to have the little chip on your shoulder that you want to prove people wrong.”

“Don’t care. Don’t even know if I do or not,” he said. “Try to win games for this team, that’s all.”

Key Points

  • Jared Goff was stellar during the 2022 season, including going nine games without throwing an interception.
  • Despite impressive statistics, Goff faces doubt from critics.
  • Goff remains unaffected by external opinions, focusing on his performance and team success.
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Bottom Line – An Unfazed Lion Amid the Noise

It's evident that Jared Goff is unfazed by the noise of public opinion (the haters). His determination, resilience, and single-minded focus on his performance and team success embody the spirit of a winning quarterback. As the famous saying goes, “Lions don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” With his indifferent attitude towards critics, Goff proves he is every bit the Lion, focused on his game, undeterred, and ready to roar his team to the NFL playoffs in 2023!