Jared Goff is excited to join forces with Teddy Bridgewater

Jared Goff was asked about the Detroit Lions bringing in Teddy Bridgewater to solidify the quarterbacks room.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has enthusiastically welcomed the addition of veteran backup Teddy Bridgewater to the team's roster. Goff, having crossed paths with Bridgewater on the field, expressed anticipation for the mutual benefits of their collaboration. Bridgewater's commendable reputation precedes him, with Goff citing his supportive nature and positive locker-room presence as assets to the team.

“I've crossed paths with him, just playing against him. And not outside of football,” said Goff. “But, I've heard great things, and (I'm) excited to get him here. I've heard nothing but great things and how supportive he is and how much of a good dude he is having in a locker room.”

Jared Goff Detroit Lions Teddy Bridgewater

Jared Goff is excited to join forces with Teddy Bridgewater

Goff further acknowledged the value of a strong backup quarterback. He appreciated the unique, unbiased perspective that such a teammate could offer. Goff's eagerness to “pick Bridgewater's brain” speaks to the veteran's wealth of experience, with the star quarterback eager to learn from Bridgewater's previous approach to pre-game strategies and routines.

“It's good to have, I guess, like an unbiased point of view that can be honest with you and also be helpful in certain things that they've done. I'll pick Teddy's brain,” Goff explained. “He's had a lot of ball under his belt, of things that he's done in the past and ways that he's done Monday's and Tuesday's and different things like that.” 

Key Points

  • Goff warmly welcomes Teddy Bridgewater to town
  • Goff highlights Bridgewater's reputation for supportiveness and locker room camaraderie.
  • Goff is keen to learn from Bridgewater's extensive experience, particularly his strategies for game preparation.
Teddy Bridgewater Detroit Lions Jared Goff

Bottom Line – A Roaring Start to a New Partnership

The enthusiasm emanating from Goff for Bridgewater's impending arrival is not just a testament to Bridgewater's skills but also a promising sign of the harmonious synergy we could anticipate on the field. Make no mistake about it, Goff is the starter and Bridgewater is the backup, but the Lions may have the best backup in the league at this point.