Jared Goff is already FIRED UP about the Detroit Lions’ offense

Jared Goff could barely sleep last night because of the anticipation of Detroit Lions' training camp.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff is already noticing the tremendous progress made by the team's offense as they enter their third year together. Goff, fresh from a career-best season under the guidance of offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, commends the raised standard of execution. He is visibly fired up about the seamless operations, and the familiarity the team now enjoys as opposed to the previous year.

Jared Goff Detroit Lions

Jared Goff is already FIRED UP about the Detroit Lions' offense

The enhanced team synergy combined with the addition of new reinforcements has sparked off a wave of positivity in the Lions' camp.

“I think the main thing that feels different, certainly offensively right now, is just the standard of execution and the way that we operate and how much further along we are Day 1 this year, than we were Day 1 last year,” Goff said. “That only raises your standards and expectation for yourself.

“It's really cool to be able to show up this week and even in OTAs and be like, ‘OK, we know the formations, we know the base stuff’, and be able to, ‘OK what are our tweaks? What can we get better at? What are the things that we really fell short of last year?’ And find ways to get even better.”

“It’s certainly getting better at the things that we didn’t do very well and then it’s finding out what are some new things that, maybe we will do well,” Goff said, “that we didn’t do as much of last year and finding out what type of offense we are going to be and ultimately, what type of team we’re going to be overall.

“Just excited (to be back), yeah, I could barely sleep last night. Excited. Feels like the first day of school and with early reports, it’s always like we get here, whatever it was Wednesday and it’s like, ‘All right, when are we going to practice?’ It feels like it takes forever, but it’s finally here and we’re excited.”

Key Points

  • Jared Goff expresses high optimism for the Lions' offensive execution standards.
  • The familiarity within the team is providing opportunities for finetuning and enhancing performance.
  • Goff led a successful offensive campaign last season, setting high expectations for the next.
  • Maintaining the momentum and further improving their offensive drive will be the Lions' challenge in 2023.
  • Goff's excitement about returning to the field is palpable, signaling high morale within the team.
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Bottom Line – No Rest for the Roaring

The Detroit Lions are all set to turn heads this season. With Jared Goff at the helm, the team's heightened energy, and the camaraderie that runs deep, they are ready to take their offensive prowess to unprecedented heights. With a clear vision and a hunger for improvement, Goff and the Lions are poised to prove that the end of last season was no fluke. This could be the beginning of a roaring resurgence in Detroit, and one thing's for sure – they won't be going back to sleep anytime soon.