Dan Campbell is fired up to have Teddy Bridgewater on the Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell spoke to the media this morning, and he is clearly excited to have Teddy Bridgewater on board.

I have been begging the Detroit Lions to sign quarterback Teddy Bridgewater since February. In fact, I have even been including him as part of my 53-man roster prediction articles just to try and write it to fruition. Well, on Monday, news broke that Bridgewater will indeed be signing with the team, and one day later, Lions head coach Dan Campbell once again commented on what he likes about Bridgewater, and what he will bring to the team.

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Dan Campbell is fired up to have Teddy Bridgewater

Campbell spoke to the media prior to Tuesday's joint practice with the New York Giants, and he had the following to say about Bridgewater.

“I mean, I was with him, you know,” Campbell said. “And when you are with somebody for two years, you get a really good feel of what they are capable of, and the way they are wired, the way he thinks. And so, I've seen him work, I've seen him run the offense, I've seen him in critical moments, I've seen him develop young talent, young receivers. You know, we lost (Drew) Brees, he goes 5-0. He just went in there and he kept the ship afloat, and just kept the heading right where we needed it, and that means a lot to me. And that's all we need, and so, to me, that's one of the reasons I wanted him here. Now, he's not here yet, but, yeah, that would be why.

“He’d come in the day before the game and take those young receivers out, go through the whole game plan, and tell them what they’re looking for,” Campbell added. “Here’s the coverage, here’s what I’m thinking. This is how I’m running that, and No, I don’t like that. He ran the scout teams. He was competitive. It was just awesome, man. He’s that type of guy. He’s an unbelievable teammate. He’s a pro. He’s a vet. He handles his business.”

Campbell went on to say that Bridgewater will join the team this week, but that the signing isn't quite official at this time. He will not play until next week.

Key Points

  • The Lions recently had Bridgewater in for a visit at training camp
  • On Monday, news broke that the Lions would indeed be signing Bridgewater to back up Jared Goff
  • Campbell is excited to have Bridgewater on board

Bottom Line: Always Have a Plan ‘B'ridgewater

The Lions are currently favored to win the NFC North, and many believe they can actually make a run in the playoffs. With that being said, prior to signing Bridgewater, if starting quarterback Jared Goff were to go down with an injury, the Lions would have had to rely on Nate Sudfeld to keep the ship afloat. Nothing against Sudfeld, as he may develop into a fine NFL quarterback, but he does not have the experience that Bridgewater does, especially if he has to start a handful of games. Bridgewater is a GREAT signing for the Lions, but hopefully, they never have to use him.


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