Jared Goff says Detroit Lions are still ‘hunting’ despite being the ‘hunted’

Jared Goff says Detroit Lions are still ‘hunting’ despite being the ‘hunted’. Do you believe the Lions can handle being the 'hunted'?

Jared Goff says Detroit Lions are still ‘hunting’ despite being the ‘hunted’

In the thick of the NFC competition, the Detroit Lions‘ recent game against the Green Bay Packers highlighted a significant shift in their season's narrative. With an 8-2 record prior to the game, the Lions were not just contenders but also leaders in their division. This loss, however, has changed their standing, emphasizing the evolving nature of NFL competition and the need to constantly adapt and improve. Jared Goff‘s comments post-game reflect the team's awareness of their new role as both the ‘hunter' and the ‘hunted' in the division, underlining the importance of maintaining their aggressive approach despite the changing dynamics around them.

Jared Goff says Detroit Lions

What Did Jared Goff Say?

Following the game, when asked if he senses a change in them being considered the hunter or the hunted, he responded accordingly:

“Yeah, maybe,” Goff said. “I mean, we’ve had some success up to this point. We’re 8-3 and 8-2 before today and yeah, teams are going to give us their best shot. We’re leading our division. This is a divisional opponent. They came in ready to play and did a great job. I don’t know if it changes how we approach the game. We’re still hunting a whole lot. We’re still hunting first overall in our division and then whatever we can get after that, but yeah, it’s a long road ahead and we’d like to still be on the offense of hunting what we’re trying to get.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Missed Opportunity: The Lions' loss to the Packers affected their standing in the NFC, moving them out of the No. 2 seed.
  2. Role Reversal: As division leaders, the Lions are now seen as the ‘hunted', facing tougher challenges from opponents.
  3. Goff’s Perspective: Jared Goff emphasizes the Lions’ need to continue ‘hunting' despite their new status, with a focus on maintaining divisional leadership and aiming higher.
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Bottom Line – Staying the Course

Despite their recent setback, the Detroit Lions, under Jared Goff's leadership, remain steadfast in their mission. Recognizing the dual role of being both the ‘hunter' and the ‘hunted', the team is poised to navigate this crucial phase with determination. Their ability to stay focused on their objectives, coupled with their willingness to continuously ‘hunt' for success, sets them apart as a formidable force in the NFC. With six games remaining in the season, the Lions are not just defending their position but also proactively seeking to advance further, a mindset that will be pivotal in their journey towards the playoffs and beyond.