Jared Goff Top 10 QB Trait Categories: Lions signal-caller included in 3 areas

Jared Goff Top 10 QB Trait Categories: The Lions signal-caller ranked in the Top 10 in a trio of categories, according to the experts.

Jared Goff Top 10 QB Trait Categories

Jared Goff’s unexpected rise from the relative shadows of the NFL stage to the dazzling lights of the Detroit Lions football scene hasn't gone unnoticed. When he first took the jersey following the famed Matthew Stafford trade, few envisioned him at the helm for more than a couple of seasons. But as the winds of the Motor City blow, whispers of a mega-contract extension for Goff are becoming harder to ignore.

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NFL Quarterback Council 2023: Ranking top 10 QBs by trait

ESPN NFL pundits—Matt Bowen, Tim Hasselbeck, Matt Miller, Dan Orlovsky, Jason Reid, Jordan Reid, Mike Tannenbaum, Seth Walder, and Field Yates recently gave their opinions of the top 10 NFL quarterbacks for the 2023 season across 10 unique attributes, ranging from arm dynamism to command within the pocket. These individual lists were then amalgamated using a points-driven mechanism to derive the conclusive rankings for each category. Lions QB Jared Goff made the Top 10 in 3 categories.

Mastering Touch: The Hallmark of Goff's Skillset

Gone are the days when a quarterback's value was measured solely by arm velocity or pass placement. In the modern NFL, the manner in which a ball is delivered is just as crucial. Whether it’s nestling the pigskin in a tight spot with uncanny precision or delicately placing it over a receiver’s shoulder, the true greats understand the subtleties of the throw. Their ability to anticipate, to lead, to weave their way through the mire of defensive tactics sets them apart. And this year, Goff’s name has made its way onto that elite list.

1. Joe Burrow, Bengals
2. Aaron Rodgers, Jets
3. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
4. Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins
T-5. Justin Herbert, Chargers
T-5. Jalen Hurts, Eagles
7. Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars
T-8. Dak Prescott, Cowboys
T-8. Kirk Cousins, Vikings
10. Jared Goff, Lions

Jared Goff NFL QB Rankings 2023 Detroit Lions Jared Goff Top 10 QB Trait Categories

Mechanics: Why Goff's Technique is Top Notch

In the continuously evolving realm of the NFL, varied throwing motions abound, creating a diverse tapestry of quarterback styles. But beneath this variety, the underpinnings of success remain rooted in solid mechanics. This is where the minutiae – the throwing motion, the release, the nuances of footwork – come into play. Who then, one might ask, are the technicians, the maestros of the game? This year, Goff's name resonates yet again, ranking alongside stalwarts like Joe Burrow, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Herbert.

1. Joe Burrow, Bengals
2. Aaron Rodgers, Jets
3. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
4. Justin Herbert, Chargers
T-5. Dak Prescott, Cowboys
T-5. Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars
T-7. Josh Allen, Bills
T-7. Kirk Cousins, Vikings
9. Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins
T-10. Matthew Stafford, Rams
T-10. Jared Goff, Lions

Making the Right Choices: Goff's Decision-Making Prowess

In the high-stakes world of professional football, a quarterback’s decisions can spell victory or doom. The ability to protect the football, to sidestep needless risks, and to steer the offense clear of pitfalls is what delineates the best from the rest. A hurried pass, a rash call, can quickly tip the scales. So, when we talk of those who have a knack for sound decision-making, it’s no small feat. Leading the charge are figures like Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow. Yet, once again, making his mark firmly at the sixth spot, is Detroit's own Jared Goff.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs
2. Joe Burrow, Bengals
3. Aaron Rodgers, Jets
4. Jalen Hurts, Eagles
5. Justin Herbert, Chargers
6. Jared Goff, Lions
7. Geno Smith, Seahawks
8. Kirk Cousins, Vikings
9. Josh Allen, Bills
10. Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins

Jared Goff Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Season Jared Goff Top 10 QB Trait Categories

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jared Goff’s ascent in Detroit is undeniable, marking his prowess in three pivotal QB traits.
  2. ESPN’s coterie of analysts underscore Goff’s skills in Touch, Mechanics, and Decision-Making.
  3. Amidst this acclaim, buzz around a significant contract extension for Goff is gathering pace.

Bottom Line: Jared Goff Is On The Rise

Jared Goff's trajectory in Detroit serves as a testament to his evolving prowess and a rebuttal to early skeptics. His significant placements in three fundamental quarterback traits—Touch, Mechanics, and Decision-Making—have rightfully cemented his reputation among the NFL elite for the 2023 season. As analysts and fans alike delve into the depths of Goff's performance, it's evident that he's not merely a transient figure in the Lions' playbook. With talks of a contract extension on the horizon, the Motor City may have found a leader determined to steer them towards a brighter future. The consensus is clear: Jared Goff isn't just passing through; he's making a mark.