Jeff Van Gundy roasts the Detroit Lions during Pistons game

The futility that is the history fo the Detroit Lions isn’t exactly a secret in the sports world. Of course, we in the Motor City are all fully aware of the fact the team has won a single playoff game since 1957, and that it will likely be plenty of time before the seemingly impossible happens and a postseason win happens.

And now, a national pundit is getting in on the fun.

During last night’s nationally televised game between the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets, a graphic was shown on the screen indicating the last time any of the four major Detroit sports franchises won a playoff game/series. Of course, “1957” was below the Lions logo. And commentator Jeff Van Gundy had some choice words for the Lions:

“That’s not a drought, that’s horrific…the Lions should have to go to NFL Europe,” he said.

Written by Michael Whitaker

Always at the front lines of Detroit Sports.

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