Jordan Love says Packers had been waiting for rematch with Lions ‘for a long time’

Jordan Love says the Green Bay Packers had been waiting for rematch with the Detroit Lions ‘for a long time’.

Jordan Love says Packers had been waiting for rematch with Lions ‘for a long time’

Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers marked a significant victory on Thanksgiving Day, triumphing over their rivals, the Detroit Lions, with a 29-22 win. This victory was not just about the score; it represented a pivotal moment for the Packers and particularly for Love, their young quarterback. Following the game, Love spoke to the media and he said the Packers had been waiting for their rematch with the Lions.

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What did Jordan Love Say?

Love told reporters that the Packers

“We had their number,” said Love, via Matt Schneidman of The Athletic. “We’ve been waiting for this game for a while.”

“We all know what happened the first time we played, so just being able to bounce back, find a way to win this game, and have a great performance in all three phases was huge and it’s going to continue to give us that confidence going forward next week,” Love shared.

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  1. Dominant Performance: Jordan Love led the Packers to a significant win over the Lions, showcasing his skill with three touchdowns and over 250 passing yards.
  2. Confident Preparation: The Packers, despite being underdogs, were confident in their ability to win, especially after their previous loss to the Lions in Week 4.
  3. Positive Trajectory: The Packers’ recent form has improved, with a 5-6 record and three wins in their last four games, indicating a positive turnaround in their season.
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Bottom Line – Lions Stay Resilient Despite Setback

The Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day loss to the Green Bay Packers, though a setback, doesn't derail their promising season. Now standing at 8-3, the Lions still hold the top spot in the NFC North, a testament to their strong performance throughout the season. This game serves as a reminder of the challenges ahead and the need for continual improvement, especially in high-pressure matchups. As they move forward, the Lions can draw on their resilience and the lessons from this game to maintain their lead and fortify their position as strong contenders in the NFC.