Justin Verlander praises Miguel Cabrera after final meeting

After their final meeting on the baseball diamond, Justin Verlander praises Miguel Cabrera in his postgame remarks.

Justin Verlander praises Miguel Cabrera after they face each other for the last time

It truly is the end of an era for the Detroit Tigers, as future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera will be calling it a career when the 2023 MLB season comes to a close. And this afternoon, his former teammate and Detroit fan favorite Justin Verlander faced him on the mound for the final time.

Justin Verlander praises Miguel Cabrera

Verlander won his 100th game at Comerica Park

Back with the Astros after being re-acquired in a trade from the New York Mets, Verlander got the start this afternoon and won his 100th career game playing in the venue he once called home, becoming the first pitcher to accomplish the feat. He didn't allow a single run to the Tigers while allowing just two hits over five innings of work.

Verlander tipped his cap to Cabrera during the game and afterward

Verlander was seen tipping his hat to Cabrera before facing him on the mound, something that he felt was “pretty cool”.

“Getting a second to tip my cap to Miggy before we go at it was pretty cool,” said Verlander. “We’ve had a lot of great memories on and off the field. I love that guy. I have so much respect for him. I’m glad A.J. (Hinch) put him in the lineup and I’m glad we had that moment.”

“Natural talent was always something that stood out, his right-handed swing is one of the most pure right-handed swings in baseball,” Verlander continued. “His ability to come up with a clutch hit or home run, which is two different things, and obviously the Triple Crown season. There's just so many things, but yeah. I was taken aback by his raw ability from the second I played with him.”

Verlander also had words of appreciation for the Tigers fans in attendance, who gave him a standing ovation before his first pitch.

“Pretty cool,” Verlander said of the ovation. “The fans were great, which I've always appreciated.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Tigers future Hall of Fame slugger Miguel Cabrera is retiring after the 2023 MLB season
  2. Former Cabrera teammate and Tigers fan favorite Justin Verlander pitched for the Houston Astros today, and it was the final time that he'll face Cabrera
  3. Verlander was full of praise for Cabrera and his accomplishments in his postgame comments

Bottom Line: It's the end of a Detroit Tigers era

Those Detroit Tigers teams that were led by Cabrera and Verlander among other great players were truly something special to watch, and though they ultimately weren't able to deliver the city's first World Series since 1984, we'll always look back with fondness on that era of Tigers baseball.

For Verlander, a future Hall of Famer in his own right, his appreciation for Cabrera and his accomplishments is more than obvious.