Juwan Howard calls out Michigan players after latest embarrassing loss

WHOA! Juwan Howard calls out Michigan players after latest embarrassing loss. Will Howard be the Wolverines head coach next season?

Juwan Howard calls out Michigan players after latest embarrassing loss

In a moment of candid reflection and evident frustration, Juwan Howard, head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, openly criticized his team's commitment following a disappointing 69-59 loss to Rutgers. This defeat marks a continuation of a troubling trend for Michigan, now having lost 10 of their last 11 games. Despite leading at halftime in nearly all these contests, the Wolverines' inability to maintain their advantage into the second half highlights deeper issues within the team.

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Juwan Howard Does Not Hold Back

Howard's critique underscores a significant concern: the lack of player buy-in to the coaching staff's strategies, which he argues have been proven effective in past seasons, including runs to the Elite Eight and Sweet 16.

“Everything, just take your pick, everything is always addressed in practice,” Howard said. “We have a great staff, we've done this before and had success while doing it. But the buy-in has to be reciprocated on the other end as well. When you have the buy-in, that you're going to do what we practice and apply it, it works. It's proven it works.

“That year that was COVID, got healthy, they were going to take the tournament. How far? We really don't know because the season stopped. The second year the team went to the Elite Eight. Then the third year that team, what? Went to the Sweet 16. The (expletive) works. It does.”

“I've considered you know, maybe going with my walk-ons,” Howard said. “Because they care. They're going to give a lot of what we ask. They're all dialed in.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Juwan Howard Criticizes Team's Effort: Following a disappointing loss to Rutgers, Michigan's head coach, Juwan Howard, openly criticized his players for a lack of commitment and failure to apply practice strategies in games, highlighting a concerning trend of losing leads and games.
  2. Historic Struggles Highlighted: The loss against Rutgers marks one of Michigan's worst stretches in recent history, with the team losing 10 of their last 11 games, emphasizing the need for a significant turnaround in player performance and mindset.
  3. Potential Lineup Changes: In light of ongoing struggles, Howard suggests considering lineup changes that may include walk-on players, emphasizing their dedication and alignment with the coaching staff's expectations as a potential solution to the team's current issues.

The Bottom Line – A Crucial Juncture for Michigan Basketball

Juwan Howard's public critique of his team's performance and commitment levels is a call to the Michigan Wolverines, signaling a critical juncture in their season and, more broadly, in the program's direction under his tenure. As Michigan faces the challenge of reversing a dire streak of losses, Howard's emphasis on the proven success of his coaching philosophy and the potential for walk-on players to step up underscores the urgency for change. The team's response to this moment could define the remainder of their season and shape the future of Michigan basketball, making it imperative for all involved to heed Howard's call for a deeper, more consistent commitment to excellence on and off the court.

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