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Kelly Stafford calls 911 after child falls; bashes NFL again on Instagram

If you follow Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, on Instagram, you are well aware that she is not a fan of the NFL when it comes to their COVID-19 protocols.

Kelly took to Instagram again this morning to let everyone know that her daughter fell out of her high chair and hit her head on the granite floor, causing Kelly to call 911.

Her daughter, thank God is fine, but Kelly was not done as she proceeded to bash the NFL for putting her and her family in a bad position.

Please click on Kelly’s post to read the full message.


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Disclaimer: Huntie is ok. Concussion. I am a good mom. At least I think I am. My whole life is these kids. But I am STRUGGLING. You see, last night huntie took a spill off her high chair, right onto her head, onto a granite floor. I calmed her down, then she threw up. Calmed her down again and she starting nodding off, eyes rolling back into her head type of thing. I obviously freaked out and called 911. Paramedics arrived and they were incredible. Asked if I had anyone to come watch the rest of my kids, family or neighbors.. considering Matthew was not allowed close to us… so here I was with zero family around, panicking about hunter and realizing NO neighbors would come over because everyone thought we had covid. I will never understand why the NFL players health information is released to media and the whole world.. I am honestly pleading that they stop. Players get injured.. report they are injured, but to divulge what exactly is injured seems excessive. You’re telling me the guys playing those injured players don’t go after that “injured right knee” or “injured left shoulder” please. They are all competitors, doing what it takes to win. Why not just state that they are out due to “health reasons.” That way it covers injury, illness, and everything in between. Last night it just hit me, that no one would want to help us because the entire world thought we had covid. I’m just exhausted and struggling. I would shoutout the woman who dropped everything and came over, but I wouldn’t want the people who knew her to think she was now infected. So you know who you are and I am incredibly grateful. I am grateful we are all still negative, believe me.. but I truly just wished the nfl would understand what they do when they release info like this.. especially when there are zero positives thus far in this family. Ok, I’m done. Back to 4 on 1. One more thing, I really wanna thank the paramedics at the bloomfield township fire house. They were comforting not only my huntie, but me as I hysterically tried to figure out who would come watch my kids. Thank you.

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