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If the Detroit Red Wings plan on continuing their amazing playoff streak, it appears as if they are going to have to do so with the players who are currently on their roster.

With the March 1st trade deadline right around the corner, Red Wings general manager Ken Holland joined the Jamie and Stoney Show on 97.1 and said the Red Wings would not be buyers.

From CBS Detroit:

“We’re not going to be a buyer. We’re not going to trade future assets to try to bring in somebody to make us a little better. We’re either going to stand pat or we’re going to see if teams have interest in some of our players. That’s what I’ll work the phone to do here over the next three to four weeks,” Holland told the Jamie and Stoney Show on 97.1 The Ticket on Thursday.

Holland described standing pat as, “You’re sort of in it but you’re not going to waive the white flag and you’re not prepared to play future assets.”

Holland said the Wings will listen to any and all trade proposals, but will only consider those that aid the team in its youth movement.

“We’re in a position where you’ve gotta listen to any offer at any point in time. I think if you’re going to trade some of the young people in our organization that you think are a big part of the future, you’re doing it for another young player. You’re not trading young for old, it’s young for young. I don’t think that anybody’s untouchable, but the reality is those kind of deals either aren’t there or they’re really hard for teams to make,” said Holland.

What do you think, Nation? Is Ken Holland making a good decision by not buying at the deadline?

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Source: Ken Holland: “We’re Not Going To Be A Buyer” « CBS Detroit

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