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Latest Jared Goff Contract Projection Would be Steal for Detroit Lions

This Jared Goff Contract Projection Would be Perfect for Detroit Lions

Michael Ginnitti of Spotrac has unveiled a new contract projection for Jared Goff and five other quarterbacks due for extensions this offseason. Ginnitti’s forecast for Goff is a four-year, $180 million extension, amounting to $45 million annually, with substantial guarantees. This deal, combined with the remaining year on his current contract, sums up to five years at $206.5 million in total. Goff’s potential extension is seen as crucial for the Detroit Lions, balancing financial sustainability with securing a key player’s future, thereby ensuring the team remains competitive in the coming seasons.

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Jared Goff Contract Projection

From Spotrac:

“Goff has answered every bell since joining the Lions, and now enters an expiring contract year, set to earn $26.6M against a $31.6M cap hit. It’s not a foregone conclusion that Detroit will extend Goff this offseason, but for now it remains highly likely. We’ve tacked on 4 new years, $180M new money to his contract, combining for a total value 5 years, $206.5M. While we’ve only allocated $86.5M guaranteed at signing (a little escrow relief for a front office that might have 4 large extensions to process this spring), from a practical standpoint, we’ve locked in $146.5M of this contract (71%). Goff earns a $20M pay raise in 2024, and $136.5M over the next 3 seasons. It’s far from a top of the market contract, but it might be just what the doctor ordered to the Lions competitive for the next few seasons.”

The Big Picture: Balancing Finance and Talent

The proposed extension for Jared Goff reflects a strategic move by the Detroit Lions to secure a key player’s future while navigating the financial intricacies of the NFL’s salary cap. Goff’s performance since joining the Lions has been commendable, answering “every bell” and proving himself as a cornerstone for the team’s offense. This contract, while not top of the market, is structured to offer the Lions the flexibility needed to manage other critical extensions, ensuring the team’s competitiveness in the foreseeable future.

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A Steal for the Detroit Lions

In the high-stakes world of NFL contracts, securing Jared Goff for $45 million per season would not just be advantageous; it would represent an absolute steal for the Detroit Lions. Given the escalating quarterback market and Goff’s pivotal role in the team’s offense, there’s a strong argument to be made that his value could command closer to $50 million per season when negotiations conclude. This perspective isn’t merely speculative; it’s grounded in the reality of recent quarterback contracts and the premium placed on proven, reliable starters at the position.

If the Lions can lock in Goff at the projected rate, they’d be leveraging the current market to their significant advantage, securing top-tier talent at a rate that’s increasingly rare for quarterbacks of his caliber. This potential financial coup underscores the importance of strategic foresight in team building and salary cap management, positioning the Lions favorably for both immediate and long-term success.

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TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Spotrac’s Michael Ginnitti projects a four-year, $180 million extension for Jared Goff, totaling five years and $206.5 million.
  2. The deal includes $86.5 million guaranteed at signing, with $146.5 million practically guaranteed.
  3. Goff’s extension significantly reduces his cap hit for 2024, aiding the Lions in maintaining financial flexibility while staying competitive.

The Bottom Line – A Wise Investment for the Pride

The Detroit Lions‘ potential investment in Jared Goff with this projected contract extension is a calculated step towards building a sustainable and competitive team. The structured deal not only reflects Goff’s value to the team but also demonstrates a prudent approach to financial management, allowing for strategic roster improvements elsewhere. As the Lions look to solidify their position and contend in the coming years, securing Goff’s leadership and talent could indeed be the “steal” that propels them forward. This move is more than just a financial transaction; it’s a testament to the Lions’ commitment to their players and their vision for the future.


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Jared Goff Weighs In On Ben Johnson Staying With Detroit Lions

Jared Goff Weighs In On Ben Johnson passing up head coaching opportunities to stay in Detroit.

George Washington III Chooses to Stay at Michigan: A Boost for Wolverines Basketball

George Washington III Chooses to Stay at Michigan rather than transfer to another program.


  1. ABSOLUELY NO to 45 million a year for any quarterback not named Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers (yes, left out Mahomes on purpose).

    It is foolish to tie up that much money in one player. This article’s contentions are highly unsettling because it suggest that $45 mil is a bargain, which is sports-think BS.

    Love Goff, but let him play out his contract and walk if he won’t sign for $35 mil a year for 6 years with $42 million signing bonus and total guarantee of $85 million.. and at least one void year thrown in there.

    Actually, I really don’t want to pay him more than $30 mil a year, but that would be seen as insulting, per the perceptions presented in the article.

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