LOOK: First look at black lower bowl seat (covers) at Little Caesars Arena

Well, they’re here. Sort of.

Following the bizarre announcement that Little Caesars Arena would be transitioning to all black seats to hide the fact that there aren’t many people actually sitting in the original red seats, black seat covers have been placed over all lower bowl seats in preparation for the actual installation of said black seats. The project will begin in December and will take place during non-event days.

How does it look?



EDITORIAL: Black seats at Little Caesars Arena will be more of an eye-sore

What are the people running Little Caesars Arena thinking?

For those who haven’t heard, the venue will be installing new black seats to replace the original and barely into their second season of use red seats. Why? Team officials are apparently still bothered by the noticeable lack of people sitting in them. It was a regular theme last season for both the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons. Despite the fact that every Red Wings game was sold out, empty seats were obvious on television broadcasts.

The reasoning behind this eyesore was that fans were still exploring the brand new building and spending time in the multiple bars and restaurants in the spacious concourses. As noted by the Detroit News:

“(Building) officials initially tried to explain away the empty seats by saying fans were simply in the concourses and elsewhere in the building, checking out the new digs. But that excuse became less and less convincing as the (Pistons and Red Wings) seasons — both rough ones, record-wise — went along, and the number of empty red seats seemed only to increase.”

The knee-jerk reaction to replace the seats at Little Caesars Arena, which is barely into its second year of existence, is just that – knee-jerk.

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Written by Michael Whitaker

I'm originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan but grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. I've been a lifelong Red Wings fan as well as other Detroit sports; hockey has always been #1. I'm currently pursuing a journalism degree at Eastern Michigan University.

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