Looking at Americas Favorite Sporting Events

America is probably the world’s central hive of activity, especially when it comes to sport. Thousands of sporting events are held in the US annually. You can place bets on sports like golf and tennis to football and horse racing at Timeform, the genres are endless and the events are just getting bigger and bigger. 

Here we take a look at 8 of America’s favorite sporting events that have fans wriggling with anticipation each year. 

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  1. Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon race in the world and it’s been held religiously on Patriots' Day since 1897. Hosting an average of 30 000 runners, the route meanders past some of Boston’s top attractions. This event also attracts as many as 500,000 onlookers who line the streets. 

  1. The Kentucky Derby

Renowned for being “the fastest two minutes in sports”, this popular horse racing event has taken place every year since 1875. Attracting the world’s most popular jockeys, the day is a thrilling one – especially if you’ve placed your money on a horse. 

  1. Indianapolis 500

Given the reputation for being the largest spectator sporting facility in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is host to the annual Indy 500. Here, 33 race cars speed around a 2.5-mile circuit for two hundred laps. The first to finish takes home a whopping average of $2.5 million. 

  1. Super Bowl

What would this list be without mention of the Super Bowl? This sporting event has become so big that over 200 countries now televise it. In fact, the weeks leading up to the event have become just as big as the game itself – many often forget that it’s actually about football. 

  1. The Masters Golf Tournament

Limited to a certain number of spectators, if you want to share the field with these spectacular golfers, then you’ll need to start bidding for tickets at least 11 months before the event is held. The Masters is one of the most important men's professional golfing championships and opens up the summer season for golfing enthusiasts. 

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  1. AmGen Tour of California

Attracting many world-class cyclists, the AmGen Tour follows routes through California. While the route changes annually, the distance of 750 miles remains the same. This event is gaining traction in popularity world-wide and many spectators are moving their focus from the Tour de France onto the AmGen Tour. 

  1. The U.S. Open (Tennis)

Held every year since 1981, this heart-stopping event plays host to thousands of spectators and some of the world’s most popular sportsmen and women. The event takes place a week before and after Labour Day weekend and makes its debut at Arthur Ashe stadium – the largest tennis stadium in the world. 

  1. NBA All-Star Game

If you’re a basketball fan, then you should be well aware of the NBA All-Star Game. This event has seen some legendary sporting moments and has also played host to many (if not all) basketball celebrities. Often criticized as the least genuine All-Star game, the support and the vast coverage that the event gets tells a different story.

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