Matt Manning has most dominant performance of career for Detroit Tigers

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Detroit Tigers, Matt Manning

What a performance by Detroit Tigers starting pitcher, Matt Manning!

On Sunday, during their series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays, Manning had the most dominant performance of his young career.

In seven innings pitched, Manning did not allow a single run while scattering just four hits and striking out seven Rays batters.

Unfortunately, Manning’s stellar performance was wasted as the Rays scored a whopping seven runs in the top of the ninth inning to beat the Tigers.

Detroit Tigers Getting Matt Manning Means More For The Bigger Picture

Detroit Sports Nation’s own Tyler Kotila recently wrote about Matt Manning’s return helps the Detroit Tigers ‘big picture’.

Here is some of what Kotila had to say in his article. Please click here to read the full article.

The Detroit Tigers have to be looking for Manning to make a splash when he returns. The thing is, there’s more to his return than adding some more depth to the rotation. Manning was considered one of the organization’s best pitching prospects as he came up. He should still be regarded as someone to be excited about; there is still plenty of upside for Manning’s future in Detroit.

As long as Manning can stay healthy, things bode well long term. Providing the Tigers do not start rebuilding during the rebuild, they can use Manning as a piece to build around. Manning coming back bodes well for the long-term. He will be able to work through more experience in the big leagues with fewer consequences.

Essentially, it’s not as high-leverage situation every outing. Manning is able to work back into the rotation and finish the season wrong if all goes well. It’s a good set-up moving forward. The upside with Manning was likely more of a mid- or backend of the rotation role, but he gets the opportunity to try and develop into a consistent true big leaguer starter.

Nation, do you think Matt Manning has the ability to be a top of the rotation for the Detroit Tigers down the road?

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