Mel Tucker fires back at Brenda Tracy sexual harassment allegations

Mel Tucker fires back at Brenda Tracy: Tucker has released a statement, and he is not about to go quietly into the night.

Mel Tucker fires back at Brenda Tracy sexual harassment allegations

Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker has responded to allegations made against him by sexual assault activist Brenda Tracy. In a statement released through his attorney, Tucker addresses the accusations and the ongoing investigation.

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Why it Matters: Allegations Shake Michigan State

These allegations against Mel Tucker are significant as they involve serious charges of sexual harassment. The situation has already led to Tucker's suspension without pay and has cast a shadow over Michigan State University's football program.

Addressing the Allegations

Brenda Tracy, a sexual assault survivor herself, accused Tucker of sexual harassment in a story published by USA Today. The allegations stem from their professional relationship, which developed through Tracy's non-profit organization, Set the Expectation. The situation escalated to a personal and romantic relationship, which Tucker acknowledges.

According to the USA Today story, a pivotal moment in their relationship occurred in April 2022 when Tucker and Tracy engaged in explicit late-night conversations over the phone. Tucker maintains that the conversation was entirely mutual and private, occurring outside the scope of Title IX or any university policy. However, Tracy's account of the call suggests discomfort and a lack of consent.

“Yes, I did have a late-night intimate conversation with Ms. Tracy in April 2022,” Tucker says in his statement. “Again, as even Ms. Tracy's statements to the investigator confirm, this conversation had nothing to do with the University and was outside the scope of Title IX or any University policy…. While I am saddened by Ms. Tracy's disclosure of the sensitive nature of this call, let me be perfectly clear — it was entirely mutual, private event between two adults living on opposite ends of the country. She initiated the discussion that night, sent me a provocative picture of the two of us together, suggested what she may look like without close, and never once during the 36 minutes did she object in any manner, much less hang up the phone.”

Tracy filed a complaint with MSU's Title IX office in December, leading to the public revelation of the investigation through the USA Today report.

Mel Tucker's Full Statement

Here is Tucker's full statement, where he claims that “Brenda Tracy's allegations of harassment are completely false.”

Mel Tucker fires back on Brenda Tracy
Mel Tucker fires back on Brenda Tracy

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker responds to allegations of sexual harassment by Brenda Tracy. Tucker denies any wrong doing.
  2. The allegations have resulted in Tucker's suspension without pay and an ongoing Title IX investigation.
  3. The situation has raised serious questions about the football program at Michigan State University.

Bottom Line – A Challenging Situation

The situation involving Mel Tucker and Brenda Tracy is both legally and ethically complex. The outcome of the Title IX investigation will determine the path forward, but it underscores the importance of addressing allegations of this nature with utmost seriousness and sensitivity.