Michael Fulmer knows he may have played his last home game as a Tiger

    On Wednesday, the Detroit Tigers managed to come from behind to defeat the San Diego Padres 4-3, thanks to a walk-off double in the bottom of the ninth inning that sealed the deal. The pitcher who recorded the final outs in the top of the ninth inning for the Tigers was Michael Fulmer.

    Fulmer, who is now 29 years old, has been pitching for the Detroit Tigers for his entire career but he understands that Wednesday's game may have been his farewell performance at Comerica Park. At least as a member of the home team.

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    Michael Fulmer knows he may have played his last game with the Tigers:

    On Tuesday, Michael Fulmer spoke to reporters and he talked about the upcoming trade deadline and how knowing he may be shipped out of Detroit is not easy to deal with.

    “It’s tougher when you’ve got kids,” Fulmer said.

    When a reporter asked about the idea of having to tell his son Miles that he has been traded by the Tigers, Fulmer said he did not know how he would take it.

    “Ooh, I don’t know how he’ll take it,” Fulmer told reporters. “Can one of you guys break it to him?”

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    On Tuesday, Fulmer said that he understood that Wednesday's game at Comerica Park may be his last as a member of the Detroit Tigers.

    “I understand that tomorrow is our last home game before the trade deadline, and that might be a little tough,” Fulmer said. “But there’s so much to be grateful for with this organization and these teammates and these guys in this clubhouse and the new guys, all that stuff. The Tigers gave me the opportunity to start my career out of Double A. … From the ups to the downs, Tommy John, getting injured and all that stuff, it’s been a long road, a bumpy road. Hopefully we can kind of work things out a little bit, and whatever happens on the business side of things, I’ve got no hard feelings whatsoever.”

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    Fulmer added that the only bright side to potentially being traded to a contender is that he may get to pitch in the playoffs in 2022.

    “I think I was too starstruck or in awe that I was in the big leagues in 2016 still, that I don’t think I understood the effect of what was going on, how close we actually were pitching in the playoffs,” Fulmer said. “Obviously 2017 to now, we haven’t really come close to it. I think that’s the one exciting thing about it. I guess that’d be the only bright side to this right now.”

    Nation, do you think the Detroit Tigers will trade Michael Fulmer?

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