Michigan Fans Bash Ohio State Coach Ryan Day Prior to ‘The Game’

Michigan Fans Bash Ohio State Coach Ryan Day Prior to 'The Game'. There were a plethora of anti-Ohio State signs today in Ann Arbor!

Michigan Fans Bash Ohio State Coach Ryan Day Prior to ‘The Game

Today's epic battle between No. 2 Ohio State and No. 3 Michigan at the Big House is not just a game; it's a manifestation of one of college football's most intense rivalries. Adding to the electrifying atmosphere, both ESPN's College GameDay and FOX's Big Noon Kickoff have set the stage in Ann Arbor, turning the spotlight on this high-stakes showdown. These pregame shows, known for their festive and charged environments, have become a staple for college football fans to express their enthusiasm and, sometimes, their humorous disdain for the opposition.

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Cryin' Ryan Day

True to tradition, Michigan fans have seized this opportunity to showcase their creativity and wit. The area surrounding the Big House has turned into a sea of signs, many of which are humorously bashing Ohio State head coach Ryan Day. The focus of these signs? The recent sign-stealing scandal involving the University of Michigan football team, which has become a contentious topic among fans. These signs, varying in design and message, all share a common theme – labeling Coach Day as a ‘crybaby' for his comments and reactions regarding the scandal.

Michigan Fans Bash Ohio State Coach Ryan Day
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“Cryin' Ryan” Chants Echo Around Ann Arbor

In a display of collective jest and rivalry, Michigan fans have taken their message beyond the signs. During the pregame shows, chants of “Cryin' Ryan” resonated loudly outside the Big House, creating an unforgettable backdrop to the broadcast. This chant, echoing the sentiment of the signs, reflects the fans' playful yet fierce spirit as they rally behind their team. It's a testament to the passion and zeal that college football, especially a rivalry as deep as Michigan vs. Ohio State, can evoke among supporters.

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Bottom Line: The Stage is Set for an Epic Showdown

With less than an hour left until kickoff, the energy in Ann Arbor is palpable. The fans' playful taunts and the vibrant atmosphere have set the tone for what promises to be an unforgettable game. As both teams prepare to take the field, the stakes are incredibly high, with a place in the Big Ten Championship and potential College Football Playoff berth on the line. While the chants and signs are all in good fun, they underscore the intense rivalry and the deep-rooted traditions that make college football a unique and cherished part of American sports culture. As the game approaches, all eyes are on The Big House, where history, passion, and a touch of humor will collide in this much-anticipated clash.