Blake Corum issues warning for Michigan Football’s first 4 opponents

If Blake Corum is correct, Michigan Football's first 4 opponents may just want to stay home.

The suspension of Michigan Football‘s coach Jim Harbaugh for the first four games of the 2023 season, after a series of Level I and II violations, has been the talk of the town. However, Wolverines' running back, Blake Corum, sees this as an opportunity rather than a setback. He anticipates that Harbaugh's suspension could “light a fire” under the team and motivate them to “win even more”.

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Blake Corum issues warning for Michigan Football's first 4 opponents

During his Big Ten Media Day press conference, Corum spoke out about rallying together during the four games without their coach. He acknowledged the team's support for Harbaugh, commending him as a great coach and person who has done much for the community and the team. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, he emphasized the team's commitment to playing ball and performing for their coach.

“Those four games, we can rally together,” said Corum. “If anything, it's gonna light a fire under us and make us want to win even more. We love Coach Harbaugh, we're all behind him. He's a great coach, a great human being, he's done so many great things for the community and for us.

“So I don't know what's going on, but if that is the case, we're going to keep playing ball and play for him.”

Mike Sainristil, a team captain in 2022, affirmed that the team hasn't dwelled on the news of Harbaugh's suspension. Instead, their focus has been on preparing for the upcoming camp. Whether Harbaugh is present for the first four games or not, Sainristil assured that the team would “play as if he was right there coaching us.”

“Honestly, it’s nothing we’ve brought up since the news came out,” Sainristil said. “We just focus on preparing in the weight room, getting ready for camp next week. We know Coach Harbaugh is going to be there at camp coaching. Whether he’s there those first four games or not, I know what he’d want us to do is go out there and play a great brand of football and lead on for the Block M and play Michigan football.

“Whether he’s with us the four games or not, we’re going to play as if he was right there coaching us.”

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Key Points

  • Jim Harbaugh is facing a suspension for the first four games of the 2023 season.
  • Blake Corum believes this could inspire the team to achieve more.
  • Despite the suspension, the team remains focused on their preparation and performance.
  • The team will play “as if Harbaugh was right there coaching them”, showing their support for their coach.

Bottom Line – Suspended Coach, Unflagging Wolverines

The impending suspension of Jim Harbaugh is undeniably a blow to Michigan Football. However, the resilience and unity displayed by the team, as evidenced by Blake Corum's and Mike Sainristil's remarks, are a testament to their resolve to maintain the “Block M” standard. With their commitment to playing as if Harbaugh was right there coaching them, the Wolverines have sent a clear message to their first four opponents: they are determined, they are united, and they are ready.