Michigan Football coach Sherrone Moore contract details revealed

Michigan Football coach Sherrone Moore contract details revealed.

Michigan Football coach Sherrone Moore contract details revealed

The Michigan Wolverines have made a significant commitment to new head coach Sherrone Moore, with a comprehensive contract that outlines the financial framework of this new era. Moore's five-year contract, which begins on January 27, 2024, and runs through January 31, 2029, details a structured salary and an array of bonuses, reflecting the program's confidence in Moore's ability to lead and achieve success.

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Sherrone Moore Contract Breakdown

  • Base Salary: Starts at $500,000 in the first year, increasing by 2% annually.
  • Additional Compensation: Begins at $5,000,000 in the first season, with a 2% increase each year.
  • Retention Bonus: A $500,000 bonus each season, provided Moore remains employed for the entire contract year.
  • Incentive Bonuses:
    • Big Ten Championship game appearance: $250,000
    • Big Ten Championship win: $500,000
    • First round of the 12-team College Football Playoff: $200,000
    • Quarterfinal appearance: $300,000
    • Semifinal appearance: $500,000
    • National title game appearance: $750,000
    • Winning national title: $1,000,000
  • Academic Performance: Up to $150,000 for a team APR of 960 or higher.
  • Total Potential Bonuses: Up to $3.5 million.

Additional Benefits

  • Athletic apparel allowance.
  • Automobile usage for Moore and his wife.
  • Tickets to athletic events.
  • 10 hours of personal charter flight use annually.

Buyout Clause

  • Year One: $5 million
  • Year Two: $4 million
  • Year Three: $3 million
  • Year Four: $2 million
  • Year Five: $1 million
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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Comprehensive Financial Package: Sherrone Moore‘s contract with the Michigan Wolverines features a progressively increasing base salary starting at $500,000, along with potential bonuses totaling up to $3.5 million, highlighting a significant financial commitment by the university to Moore's leadership.
  2. Performance-Based Incentives: The contract includes substantial incentives for various athletic and academic achievements, such as bonuses for Big Ten Championship wins, playoff appearances, and maintaining a high team Academic Performance Rate (APR), emphasizing a balanced focus on success in both sports and academics.
  3. Structured Buyout Clause: Moore's contract contains a structured buyout clause, starting at $5 million in the first year and decreasing annually, demonstrating the strategic planning and commitment of both parties to a long-term relationship and success of the football program.

The Bottom Line – A Roadmap for Success and Growth

The detailed contract of Sherrone Moore as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines sets a clear roadmap for success and growth. It signifies the university's high expectations and its commitment to supporting Moore in achieving these goals. With this comprehensive financial package, Moore is well-positioned to lead Michigan Football into a promising future, focusing on excellence both on the field and in educational endeavors.

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