Michigan Football QB J.J. McCarthy Included on ESPN’s Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects list

Michigan Football QB J.J. McCarthy Included on ESPN's Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects list.

Michigan Football QB J.J. McCarthy Included on ESPN's Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects list

We are just over two weeks away from the No. 1 ranked Michigan Football team taking on No. 4 Alabama in one of the College Football Playoff semifinal games at the Rose Bowl. When looking up and down the Wolverines roster, it does not take long to realize that there will be quite a few players who won't be back for the 2024 season as they will likely declare for the 2024 NFL Draft. ESPN recently released their Top 50 2024 NFL Draft prospects, and the only Wolverine to make the cut is QB J.J. McCarthy.

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J.J. McCarthy Comes in at No. 33

According to Jordan Reid of ESPN, J.J. McCarthy comes in at No. 33. Here is what Reid has to say about the Wolverines' star signal caller.

McCarthy will be one of the most talked about prospects in this draft cycle. In a Michigan offense that leans on the run and incorporates play-action principles, he has only reached 25 or more passing attempts in 11 of his 26 career starts. Scouts want to see more. That said, McCarthy has displayed ball placement, anticipation and mobility when he has been allowed to throw the ball, outside of an uncharacteristically poor three-interception performance against Bowling Green earlier this year. His 89.2 QBR and 74.2% completion percentage are both top-three numbers in the country.

Other Wolverines Included

In addition to McCarthy being included as a Top 50 NFL Draft prospect, the following players were included in the Top 5 at their position.

Blake Corum (RB 2)

Zak Zinter (OG 2)

Junior Colson (LB 5)

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Football's High Stakes: As the No. 1 ranked Michigan Football team prepares for a crucial College Football Playoff semifinal game against No. 4 Alabama at the Rose Bowl, there's a lot at stake.
  2. J.J. McCarthy's Draft Prospects: Quarterback J.J. McCarthy, the only Wolverine listed in ESPN's Top 50 2024 NFL Draft prospects, is ranked at No. 33.
  3. Other Promising Wolverines: Alongside McCarthy, other Wolverines are gaining attention for the NFL Draft. Running back Blake Corum is ranked as the No. 2 RB, guard Zak Zinter as the No. 2 offensive guard, and linebacker Junior Colson as the No. 5 linebacker, indicating strong potential for Michigan's players at the next level.

Bottom Line: Talent Abound

The upcoming College Football Playoff semifinal game is not only a pivotal moment for the Michigan Football team in their quest for glory but also a significant showcase for its top players eyeing the NFL Draft. With quarterback J.J. McCarthy leading the way as a highly regarded prospect, and others like Blake Corum, Zak Zinter, and Junior Colson also positioned as top players in their positions, Michigan's presence in the NFL Draft looks promising. As the team gears up for a high-profile clash with Alabama, these players have an exceptional opportunity to cement their status among the nation's elite collegiate athletes.