Michigan Football suspends Connor Stalions

The first domino to fall: Michigan Football suspends Connor Stalions in wake of NCAA investigation.

The University of Michigan is currently under investigation by the NCAA for alleged sign stealing and improper scout usage. And now, the first domino has fallen in the wake of this latest controversy, with off-field analyst Connor Stalions having been suspended this afternoon.

Michigan Football suspends

Michigan is being investigated for alleged violation of NCAA rules

If the allegations are true, Michigan will have been in violation of NCAA Bylaw 11.6.1, which states: “Off-campus, in-person scouting of future opponents (in the same season) is prohibited.”

Staffer Connor Stalions has been suspended

Minutes ago, news broke on social media that Michigan has suspended Connor Stalions, an off-field analyst who recently deleted his LinkedIn account.

Michigan Football suspends,Connor Stalions

An excerpt from Stalions' now defunct LinkedIn account read as follows:

“I focus on using my experience to employ Marine Corps philosophies and tactics into the sport of football regarding strategies in staffing, recruiting, scouting, intelligence, planning and more,” the LinkedIn page read. “I emphasize … identifying the opponent’s most likely course of action and most dangerous course of action; identifying and exploiting critical vulnerabilities and centers of gravity in the opponent scouting process…”

Not long after the announcement of his suspension, Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel released the following statement:

“Michigan Athletics suspended Connor Stalions today, with pay, pending the conclusion of the NCAA investigation.”

Michigan Football AD Warde Manuel confirms Jim Harbaugh's suspension

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Football is once again under investigation by the NCAA for alleged sign stealing
  2. Head coach Jim Harbaugh has denied any wrongdoing and promised to fully cooperate with the investigation
  3. The first domino has fallen with the suspension of off-field analyst Connor Stalions

Bottom Line: More to come?

Whether the repercussions for Michigan Football's alleged violation of NCAA rules are confined to the suspension of a single staffer or extend further is yet to be determined.

Nevertheless, this issue continues to cast a shadow over the Michigan Football program, which is currently riding high with a flawless record heading into this weekend's clash against Michigan State.