Michigan Football warns Big Ten in 10-page letter

Michigan Football warns Big Ten in 10-page letter.

Michigan Football warns Big Ten in 10-page letter

According to a report from the Associated Press, Michigan Football has firmly drawn a line in the collegiate sand, challenging Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti’s authority over disciplinary measures. In a forceful 10-page correspondence, Michigan has defended its head coach Jim Harbaugh against accusations of a sign-stealing plot that has sent ripples through the college football landscape.

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Michigan Sends Letter to Big Ten

The school’s ten-page letter, portions of which were disclosed to the AP by an anonymous source, contests the potential disciplinary actions against Harbaugh and the Wolverines’ football program.

From Associated Press:

Michigan’s letter said the Big Ten cannot take action if a formal decision has not been made about whether rules were violated, the person said. The school also says it would not be fair to discipline the program in part because it provided the Big Ten with evidence suggesting other conference schools were stealing signs and sharing them with one another.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The University of Michigan confronts the Big Ten, asserting Commissioner Tony Petitti lacks the power to discipline.
  2. The school defends against allegations of sign-stealing, noting no official rule-breaking decision has been made.
  3. Michigan threatens legal action should the conference enforce disciplinary measures prematurely.
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Bottom Line – A Game of Power Plays

The current problem is more serious than just Michigan being accused of cheating by stealing the other team's signs. It's actually about who gets to make the rules in college sports. Michigan is really unhappy with the Big Ten, which is in charge of college sports in that area. They're arguing about who should have the final say. This argument is a big deal because it might set an example for how to deal with these issues in the future. The Michigan Wolverines have won all their games so far and they have a chance to be the national champions, so they really want to make sure they can keep playing. Depending on what happens, it could change who is in control in college sports, whether it's the individual schools or the people who organize the games.

  • Michigan can refuse to allow any games Harbaugh misses to be televised. Don’t let the cameras into the stadium. Thereby depriving the big ten of the television revenues that fund it. Hit em where it hurts. Have students film the game and broadcast it on the internet. The big ten oligarchs will cave to their owners over the loss of millions. Per game.

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