Michigan LB Junior Colson announces NFL Draft decision

Michigan LB Junior Colson announces NFL Draft decision.

Michigan LB Junior Colson announces NFL Draft decision

Junior Colson, a standout linebacker for the National Champion Michigan Wolverines, has made a significant career decision that will impact both his future and the Michigan football program. After a remarkable season where he led the team in tackles, Colson has decided to forgo his remaining college eligibility and declare for the 2024 NFL draft. This decision comes in the wake of Michigan's monumental championship victory, marking a high point in Colson's collegiate career.

Colson, a key figure in the Michigan Wolverines‘ defense and their recent national championship success, has made the pivotal decision to enter the 2024 NFL draft. Colson, who still had a year of eligibility left at Michigan, has opted to take his talents to the professional level. His performance as Michigan's leading tackler, with an impressive 95 tackles, positions him favorably as a potential early pick in the upcoming draft. Colson's move is a significant step in his career, leaving a notable impact on both his personal trajectory and the Michigan football program.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Junior Colson, Michigan's leading linebacker, declares for the 2024 NFL draft.
  2. Colson exits Michigan as the team's top tackler with 95 tackles.
  3. His decision comes following Michigan's national championship win.
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The Bottom Line – A New Chapter Begins

Junior Colson's decision to enter the NFL draft marks the end of a significant chapter in his football journey and the beginning of a new professional pursuit. As he transitions from a key player in a national championship-winning team to an aspiring NFL athlete, Colson leaves behind a legacy at Michigan while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the NFL. His move highlights the ever-evolving landscape of college football, where success on the collegiate field often leads to prospects at the professional level. Colson's journey from Michigan to the NFL will be one to watch, as he carries forward the skills and experiences from his time as a Wolverine.