Michigan QB Alex Orji takes to social media to drop bars on Ohio State, haters

Michigan QB Alex Orji takes to social media to drop bars on Ohio State, haters. THIS IS AMAZING!

Michigan QB Alex Orji takes to social media to drop bars on Ohio State, haters

As the University of Michigan Wolverines celebrated their National Championship victory with a parade in Ann Arbor and a subsequent celebration at the Crisler Center, the theme of overcoming doubters resonated among the players. Backup quarterback Alex Orji may not have had the chance to speak on stage, but he made his voice heard through a unique medium. Orji took to Instagram to deliver a lyrical message, dropping bars that addressed Ohio State and the team's critics.

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Orji’s Instagram Rap

In his Instagram post, Alex Orji crafted a series of bars that encapsulated the Wolverines' journey and triumph.

Team full of buckeye killers and B1G winners🏆
Living by pillars and eating steak dinners🍽️
Job well done wit a team so rare🥩
Rose to the tide to see confetti ina air🌹
Really tried to take our Coach and kill us wit allegations👎🏾
Now the hate not as loud as all the congratulations🎉
We knew da job was never finished till we seen the final scores💼
Finished wit a trip to Houston wit team 1️⃣4️⃣4️⃣

The Message Behind the Lyrics

Orji's rap is more than just a celebratory verse; it's a testament to the resilience and unity of the Michigan team. His reference to “eating steak dinners” and “a team so rare” hints at the team's exceptional quality and cohesiveness. The mention of “confetti ina air” symbolizes their ultimate victory, while the lines about overcoming allegations and receiving congratulations instead of hate reflect the team's ability to rise above challenges and criticism.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Alex Orji's Instagram Rap: Michigan QB Alex Orji creatively addressed Ohio State and critics in an Instagram post with rap lyrics, showcasing the Wolverines' triumph and resilience.
  2. Celebratory and Defiant Message: His lyrics both celebrated Michigan's National Championship victory and subtly responded to the challenges and allegations faced throughout the season.
  3. Unique Expression of Team Spirit: Orji's choice to use rap as a medium underscores the diverse ways athletes express themselves and reinforces the unity and success of Michigan's football team.

Bottom Line: A Unique Expression of Triumph

Alex Orji's creative expression on social media adds a unique layer to the Wolverines' National Championship celebration. His choice to use rap as a medium to address doubters and celebrate the team's journey highlights the diverse ways in which athletes can express themselves and connect with fans. Orji's post is not just a clap back at critics; it's a celebration of Michigan's unity, resilience, and ultimate success, encapsulating the spirit of Team 144 in a few succinct, powerful lines.


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