Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy plans to surpass Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen

Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy has some pretty high goals for himself.

It's not every day that a college quarterback is compared to NFL powerhouses Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, but Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh sees that level of potential in Wolverines' quarterback, J.J. McCarthy.

J.J. McCarthy Patrick Mahomes Josh Allen

Harbaugh compares J.J. McCarthy to Mahomes and Allen

Drawing comparisons from his observance of Mahomes and Allen's relationships with their teams, Harbaugh is confident that McCarthy is on a similar trajectory. He commended McCarthy's unwavering dedication to his team, a sentiment echoed by the player himself.

“I think some compare him to Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, would be two. And, I know there are others that have that level of talent plus the quarterback position willing to do anything for their team,” he said.

“I base that off of watching the way that Patrick Mahomes interacts with his teammates, what he says about his teammates, and what they say about him. Josh Allen, what he says about his teammates, what they say about him. So just looking through the keyhole that way. But that’s what I see in J.J. McCarthy every single day,” Harbaugh declared.

McCarthy has Higher Goals

While the praise from Harbaugh is encouraging, McCarthy remains focused on improvement, revealing his ambition to surpass Mahomes and Allen. The young quarterback expressed his appreciation for Harbaugh's endorsement, reiterating that his focus is on self-improvement and reaching new heights, as he aims to build a legacy beyond his predecessors.

“It means so much coming from him. I just value his opinion so much. It just reaffirms to be that what I am doing is the right thing. Just continuing to do that. But at the end of the day, I just got to continue focusing on myself and keep improving myself. I emulate those boys, I observe them all the time but I am trying to surpass them,” McCarthy concluded.

J.J. McCarthy Michigan Football Jim Harbaugh

Key Points

  • Harbaugh compares McCarthy to NFL giants Mahomes and Allen.
  • The comparison is based on their commitment to their respective teams.
  • McCarthy is focused on self-improvement and plans to surpass Mahomes and Allen.
  • McCarthy values Harbaugh's opinion and sees it as an affirmation of his efforts.

Bottom Line – Only Time Will Tell the Tale

J.J. McCarthy's ambitions are nothing short of astounding, and his commitment to surpassing the likes of Mahomes and Allen speaks volumes about his passion for the sport. But the journey to greatness is often long and arduous. For now, it seems that the seeds of a future NFL star are sown, but only time will confirm whether these seeds will grow into a towering tree. The world eagerly awaits to see how McCarthy's career will unfold, and whether his reality will match his soaring ambitions.