Michigan RB Donovan Edwards apologizes for ‘retweet’ incident

Michigan Wolverines RB Donovan Edwards has issued an apology.

Michigan Football running back Donovan Edwards re-tweeted a video on Twitter last October that depicted controversial rapper Kanye West espousing Anti-Semitic sentiments, and now he's issuing an apology.

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The incident on Twitter took place in October

In October, Edwards re-tweeted a post from the “Lord of the Film” Twitter account, which read the following: “Jewish people will literally tell you that they want you to kill your own and humiliate your women simply because they have children to feed.”

That video was on top of another video in which West said “I’m gonna say some antisemitic s**t.”

Donovan Edwards appears to have learned his lesson and issued a heartfelt apology

“I got one more thing to mention, about the tweet, I feel like that was a great thing for me because it is a learning and building experience for me,” Edwards began. “The way I look at that is, I don't have any type of hatred or disgrace anybody. I have love for everybody, all people. I don't care who you are; black, white, Puerto Rican, Dominican Republic. I don't care, because why? Everybody is God's children in the eyes of God. There's nothing in the Bible that says that only one specific race can make into the heaven gates. Everybody can.

“I apologize to anybody who I may have hurt. I understand my actions and you know, I'm going to grow from it, it's taught me a lot.”

The popular Michigan Football RB continued:

“The thing that I learned from that is I can't allow people to, I can't allow a caption to define who I am,” he said. “Because if I can explain for myself that in that context − nobody listened to what Kanye West said. What Kanye West said is the people who are the higher ups, we all know who higher ups are, it's like Coach Harbaugh to us, he's the higher up, what he says goes. In that context, for me, I'm a black male, and I look at that very specifically. And it's like, black people are getting diminished as − we're looking at like celebrities and like they're telling us this and that, and that and we're listening to some of the rap lyrics, like we're depriving ourselves and we all know this. Black people are depriving ourselves of, you know, like race, calling girls out the names, talking about robbing, stealing, killing, that's not good. You know, so that's why, you know, I retweeted what I retweeted?

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Donovan Edwards has issued an apology for an October incident in which he re-tweeted a video espousing Anti-Semitic remarks
  2. Edwards has issued a heartfelt apology and called this a learning experience

Bottom Line: We hope he's learned

There's no doubt in today's polarized world that social media, regardless of one's political and religious persuasion, can be an extremely toxic place.

Thankfully, Donovan Edwards appears to be genuine in his apology and will certainly do a better job in the future of what he chooses to post and re-post on social media.


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