Michigan RB Donovan Edwards reveals secret injury

When Michigan RB Donovan Edwards was not at his top speed when he took multiple runs to the house against Ohio State.

Michigan football running back Donovan Edwards recently disclosed a secret injury that had been plaguing him throughout the season, shedding light on the challenges he faced on the field. While the focus had primarily been on his hand injury, Edwards revealed that he had also been battling a torn patella since Week 2 against Hawaii. This previously undisclosed injury hindered his performance, but it also led him to discover the importance of balanced strength and motivated him to overcome his limitations.

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Key Points

  • Edwards played through a hand injury, which required surgery and the insertion of two screws.
  • He also suffered a torn patella, a knee injury that affected his performance throughout the season.
  • Despite these injuries, Edwards continued to play and contributed to the team's success.
  • The discovery of the torn patella prompted Edwards to focus on strengthening his weaker right side.
  • With his injuries now treated, Edwards is determined to showcase his true potential on the field.

Michigan RB Donovan Edwards reveals secret injury

According to a report from Wolverines Wire, Edwards played with a torn patella the entire 2022 season.

“I had two screws in my hand, broke my thumb against Nebraska,” Edwards said. “What y’all don’t know I played with a torn patella the whole season. So I got that fixed up, had surgery in February. Just been in rehab and I’m up to par now, running, cutting, and doing all that good stuff. So that recovery wasn’t gonna take long — just about four months to get full speed and three months for me to feel good.

“So you know, just like trusting myself now, trusting myself cutting, getting to my top speed, breaking down — all that good stuff again, which isn’t gonna be hard for me.”

Edwards said he was dealing with the injury against Ohio State, but he was not about to let it keep if off of the field.

“Against Ohio State and everybody else, you know?” Edwards said. “But I wasn’t going to allow that to stop me. My leg would have been cut off to not play, you feel me? Same thing with the broken hand — put a cast on it, I was just carrying it my non-dominant hand. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to come up successful and win the game.”

The Bottom Line – Triumph Over Adversity

Donovan Edwards' story is a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience. Despite battling significant injuries, he continued to contribute to his team's success. Edwards' revelation of his torn patella not only explains his performance limitations but also underscores the importance of addressing injuries and maintaining balanced strength. His commitment to recovery and rehabilitation sets an example for athletes facing similar challenges.