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Amon-Ra St. Brown will not play with his brother Equanimeous

Amon-Ra St. Brown won't play with or against his brother during the upcoming regular season.

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Michigan State Spartans Vs. Wisconsin: Low Expectations

Michigan State Spartans Vs. Wisconsin Preview

Matt: All right, let’s get to ours. The Michigan State Spartans vs. Wisconsin

Ryan: Badgers used to be, so this is Griffin and Bass. Thank you all for joining us.

Matt: We’ll be very quick with this on what used to be a fantastic rivalry of football and basketball. Some phenomenal finishes to some great games, as well as some heartbreaking ones depending on which side of the team of the coin dodge you are on. but this year’s Spartans and this year’s badgers, not the Spartans and Badgers of the mid-two thousand that came to battle defenses, are both two thousand. Two thousand tens, whatever teams, they came to battle with defense and offense. the Michigan State Spartans have neither right now, and Wisconsin looks like they may have gotten a little something under their new head coach since letting go of Paul Chryst

They showed it this past week when they just dismantled Northwestern with a bunch of touchdowns through the air. That’s all I needed to see. Wisconsin’s gonna win this football game. They were able to do that through the air. They certainly gonna do that through the air against the Michigan State Spartans.

So I got Wisconsin covering, winning, whatever. I can’t give you much cause I haven’t seen anything. the Michigan State Spartans look so broken in all facets of the game. We’re not getting any pressure on the quarterback. Our secondary is not doing anything. We can’t rush for more than 50. All of a sudden, we can’t run the ball, and unless Thorne has a clean pocket for a long time to throw the ball, the passing game’s not working either. So I don’t know how the Michigan State Spartans win this football game against Wisconsin. 

Ryan: So revenge came for Jalen Berger

Matt: That’s all. 

Ryan: So that’s it. Yep. this is it. Take it to the bank. yeah, both these teams are really bad, and you know this cuz I told you, but they don’t, they like, there was a time where Wisconsin was right up.

With Michigan in terms of teams, I hated when we were going back and forth with them in basketball and football, and it was like, Man, we just can’t shake these guys. They had Bo Ryan. They had Bret Bielema. I hated them. My second most hated Big 10 team by far. It’s dissipated a little bit, but still not all that much cuz I don’t like Wisconsin.

I still can’t stand them. I think they got Greg Gard as their best Greg Gard as their basketball coach. I don’t like him either. They are a little more tolerant than Old Bo, but I don’t like them. I don’t like the Badgers’ stupid. Maybe it’s cuz they’re, I don’t know, close to Wolverine in animal, or at least they look the same.

They’re both ugly and stupid. as far as this game goes, though, I’ve I don’t wanna pick Wisconsin. I feel like you probably have to, Graham Mertz sucks, but I thought the same thing about Tanner Morgan. And he completed damn near a hundred percent of his passes against the Michigan State Spartans, 23 at 26 or whatever he was. And it’s just, it’s tough, Payton Thorne came out, and he is like, Yeah, I’ve been dealing with the injury since

 I think since the Western Michigan game, just the first game. I don’t know I don’t feel good about this game at all. the seven seems like a big spread to me. It’s seven and a half because Wisconsin’s not good, either. And the game is in East Lansing. So from, I guess, that aspect, I’d probably pick the Michigan State Spartans to cover. But yeah, you just look, Michigan State’s allowing 445 yards a game, and like, you just can’t do that even against the bad teams, cuz then they’re just gonna dice you upright.

Wisconsin’s averaging 31 points a game, and the Michigan State Spartans are at 26. The difference is Wisconsin only allows an average of 20 points in Michigan State. I am allowing 27 and about 107 yards rushing for Michigan State and 170 yards rushing for Wisconsin. So what I would like to say is that Michigan State’s run defense will be able to contain Braelon Allen, but I don’t believe that because we’ve seen some other teams have success running the ball against the Michigan State Spartans.

Not as much success as they’ve had in passing the ball against Michigan State. But Braelon Allen is, I don’t know, man, maybe the second or third-best running back in, in the Big 10. There are a lot of good ones. You got Singleton, you got Henderson, you got Blake, Braelon, no LA, but last year, Braelon Allen was the guy beside Kenneth Walker, but like Braelon Allen was the guy.

And even this year, he’s still averaging six yards of carrying. It’s hard to stop. He’s a really good running back, and I don’t see just the way that Michigan State is going to be able to. Stop this Wisconsin team, and it’s a team Wisconsin team that’s not very good. And I just think their defense is better than what ours is, and they’re gonna be able to stop us more than we’re gonna be able to stop then stop them. So I am regretfully picking Wisconsin to win this game. Yeah, 

Matt: unless the Spartans look like the Spartans of the first two weeks of the season, I just don’t see how the Michigan State Spartans can get any pressure and stop Graham Mertz, who is not a good quarterback, but. Against bad defenses. He looks pretty good.

Look what he did to Northwestern. Six touchdown passes, but this defense is not good either. Wisconsin, allow 30-plus points to Illinois State, obviously Ohio State, and Illinois as well. So they have had their problems defensively that the Michigan State Spartans could be able to attack through the air with Payton Thorne throwing to Reed, Mosley, Coleman, and Berger.

He needs time. The offensive line needs to do its job to create time for Payton Thorne even to get the quick hits out.  It’s like he needs some time, and that’s all in the trenches doing it for us. The trenches haven’t done it yet until they start showing us they can. I can’t confidently pick them to do anything but lose.

Michigan State Spartans

And at seven and a half points, is Wisconsin worthy of a seven-and-a-half-point road spread? Absolutely not. That’s how bad Michigan state’s been playing lately, that they’re getting an over-touchdown spread at East Lansing. It’s just not good. And I don’t wanna touch this game at all with a 10-foot pole.

I’m gonna pick Wisconsin to cover. I hope I’m wrong. The over-under 49, look, both these defenses are bad. Maybe the Michigan State Spartans get some things going offensively, and they contribute as part of it as well. Go with the over, I don’t know on this one, but I think Wisconsin will win this football game unless Michigan State turns things around dramatically in all faces.

Of the game, especially on the line offensively and defensively. If they can get pressure defensively, if they can hold off pressure offensively, the Michigan State Spartans will be in this football game. I haven’t seen it since they shut out Toledo 52 to nothing. I just haven’t seen it. And so until I do, again, I cannot pick them with any kind of confidence as sports journalists.

No, I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I gotta pick the badgers. I hate it. I hate Wisconsin as much as you do. Nothing made me happier. Then watching in 2000 when we beat Wisconsin basketball four times, including in the Final Four on the way to the national championship.

Nothing made that better than beating Wisconsin a fourth time in that Final four. The great football games that we won in the past against them, it’s just I hate them as well, but we are so bad right now. Michigan State is so bad right now. I can’t pick them. I just can’t. 

Ryan: Yeah, no, I can’t pick ’em either. And it’s sad to say cuz it was a constant suck. Yep. When they get their planned records or something, maybe I’ll start to pick them, but as of now, you can’t Nope. Michigan Station just rests its starters and then prepares for three weeks for Michigan.

Matt: Yep. Throw Noah Kim out there in this game. Let him go. Let me know what Kim, go and see what happens. 

Ryan: And hey, let to get. I wasn’t here last Monday but yeah, or last Tuesday. This Tuesday, I was with the Tuesday before. Yeah, I’m all aboard to know a Kim train. I’ve seen enough of Payton Thorne. 

Matt: I’m not even. I don’t even know if I’ve seen enough of Payton Thorne. Just let him get healthy. Throw Kim out there. Let him deal with Wisconsin’s defense. Let Thorne try and get healthy and back on track. Maybe we can use him against Michigan. And pull off a ridiculous upset that we have no business being in the first place. But we’ve done it before, so who knows?

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Amon-Ra St. Brown will not play with his brother Equanimeous

Amon-Ra St. Brown won't play with or against his brother during the upcoming regular season.

Detroit Tigers Injury Report: Sawyer Gipson-Long included in latest update

The latest Detroit Tigers Injury Report includes a critical piece of information on pitcher Sawyer Gipson-Long.