Michigan vs. Michigan State: Report suggests historic kickoff time for rivalry

The Michigan vs. Michigan State game this coming season will reportedly make history.

An intriguing twist is set to light up the Michigan vs. Michigan State football rivalry, as suggested by college football insider Brett McMurphy. A historic night game is projected to take place on October 21st at Spartan Stadium – the first time ever for this rivalry to take place under the stadium lights.

Michigan vs. Michigan State

Michigan vs. Michigan State: Report suggests historic kickoff time for rivalry

This development is part of the Big Ten football's debut season on NBC, with Michigan State expected to have more of its games showcased on NBC than any other school. However, it's essential to note that these arrangements have yet to be officially confirmed by NBC or the Big Ten.

In addition to the monumental showdown against the Wolverines, the Spartans are also slated to play three other night games in 2023, against Central Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. Meanwhile, the Wolverines have at least one other night game scheduled against Bowling Green this year.

Key Points

  • First nighttime clash in Spartan Stadium for Michigan vs. Michigan State.
  • Part of Big Ten football's debut season on NBC.
  • Michigan State to have the most games showcased on NBC.

Bottom Line – Spotlight on the Big Ten

In conclusion, the advent of night games in the Big Ten, especially involving a prominent rivalry like Michigan vs. Michigan State, marks a significant step forward in college football broadcasting. With more eyes likely to be on the screen, the stage is set for these teams to display their prowess under the lights, adding another layer of intrigue to their fierce competition. The coming season promises to be a feast for college football fans, particularly those supporting the Big Ten.