Paul Finebaum embarrasses himself with Michigan Football prediction

You will not believe Paul Finebaum's reason for Michigan Football not reaching their goals in 2023. Actually, you probably will believe it!

Over the past day, Michigan Football‘s landscape has been shaken to the core, and Paul Finebaum has added fuel to the fire. According to a report by Ross Dellenger of Yahoo Sports, it appears that Wolverines' head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is likely facing a suspension for the first four games of the regular season.

Paul Finebaum Michigan Football

Paul Finebaum embarrasses himself with Michigan Football prediction

Reacting to this news and looking ahead at Michigan's 2023 prospects, Finebaum, never one to shy away from controversy, expressed his doubts about Michigan's chances in the College Football Playoff this season during an appearance on ESPN's Get Up. Despite acknowledging that Michigan possesses all the necessary qualities for a Playoff team, Finebaum embarrassed himself by saying that “Lady Luck” is the reason why the Wolverines will not reach their goals in 2023.

“I say no,” Finebaum answered, asked by Mike Greenberg if Michigan is a Playoff team in 2023. “They’re capable of it, and they have everything you need to get there, but I think Lady Luck is going to go against them this time.”

In his opinion, Ohio State remains the team to beat in the Big Ten, and he foresees Michigan dropping outside the cutline.

“I think the team to beat in the Big Ten is Ohio State, and I think ultimately that’s where Michigan moves from inside the cutline to outside.”

Key Points

  • Potential suspension for Michigan's head coach Jim Harbaugh.
  • Finebaum doubts Michigan's chances in the College Football Playoff 2023.
  • Finebaum favors Ohio State as the top team in the Big Ten.
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Bottom Line – Finebaum Being Finebaum

If you follow the work of Finebaum, you are well aware of the fact that he says things just to get a reaction, and it is HIGHLY doubtful that he actually believes what he says. With that being said, what Finebaum says means absolutely nothing and the games will be decided on the field. If those games go how they have the past two seasons, Michigan will be playing in another College Football Playoff.


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