Michigan vs. Ohio State game to be moved? Ryan Day says it should be considered

Do you agree with Ryan Day about potentially moving the Michigan vs. Ohio State game?

The Big Ten Media Days sparked off with a buckeye of an idea from Ohio State coach, Ryan Day, suggesting a shift in the scheduling of the historic Michigan vs. Ohio State football game. Traditionally held during the final weekend of the season, Day feels that perhaps it's time for a new approach, indicating that ‘The Game' may experience a scheduling shake-up.

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Michigan vs. Ohio State game to be moved? Ryan Day says it should be considered

During the media day session, Day, who has so far experienced more losses than wins against Michigan football, proposed that the Michigan vs. Ohio State scheduling warrants closer inspection.

“I know one of the goals was to try to get as many teams as possible in the playoffs,” OSU coach Ryan Day said at Big Ten Media Day on Wednesday. “When you’re looking at that, you want to have certain teams you play on a yearly basis,” Day said. “At the same time, you also want to do the best you can to get as many guys into the playoffs.

“People see it from different points of view,” Day said. “I’m glad we still have the rivalry game. I do think we should consider when we play it, just because you may end up playing it back-to-back weeks … which would be awkward.

“I know we need to consider the tradition, but I think it’s worth a conversation on when. I think that’s significant just on how the season plays out. Other than that, I think they did the best they could with it. The good news is they didn’t build a schedule that is locked in or a long period of time. I think they can do this for a couple of years, reevaluate, and then have the flexibility to change it up if needed.”

“We’ve got to play ‘The Game’ every year,” Day added. “Where it is, I think it’s worth a long discussion about where that game should be placed. If it was the same way as it was this past year, we’d be playing back-to-back games and who knows? Maybe even playing again in the playoffs. I just think that needs to be taken into consideration … I know they’re talking about it, I just don’t think any hard decisions have been made, and I don’t think they’re going to be made here real soon. I just want to be part of those conversations.”

Key Points

  • Ohio State coach, Ryan Day, suggests a re-evaluation of the scheduling for the Michigan vs. Ohio State game.
  • Back-to-back games could occur due to the revised Big Ten format.
  • Ryan Day emphasizes the need to maintain the annual event but is open to discussions on its placement in the schedule.
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Bottom Line – Keeping ‘The Game', Changing the Rules?

While traditions remain at the heart of the Big Ten, the potential shakeup in the scheduling of the Michigan vs. Ohio State game reflects the evolving landscape of college football. Ryan Day's suggestion offers a fresh perspective on managing tradition and strategy, echoing the sentiments of an ever-adaptive and competitive sporting world. The final decision, however, awaits the long discussion Day called for.