Michigan WR Mike Sainristil praises Jim Harbaugh for being a ‘great coach’ and a ‘great human’ [Video]

Following the 2020 season, there was plenty of speculation as to whether or not Jim Harbaugh was still the right person to be coaching Michigan football. In fact, there are still plenty of media members and fans who believe that the Wolverines would be better off without Harbaugh.

Well, the media members and fans can think whatever they want but all the really matters is what the players think, and if what WR Mike Sainristil said on Monday is any indication about how his teammates feel, Harbaugh is a “great coach and a great human.”

“We have a coach who is willing to do anything for us,” Sainristil said. “He will go to the ends of this earth to make sure that we’re all in the right position. He’ll put it all on the line for us and, you know, coach Harbaugh is a guy you really want to play for. He’s a great coach, great human and he’s shown that all year long. I wouldn’t want to take this field with any other coach other than him on Saturday.”

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