Michigan WR Roman Wilson blasts Ohio State’s toughness after big win

Michigan WR Roman Wilson blasts Ohio State's toughness after big win. See what Wilson had to say about the Buckeyes immediately after the game ended.

Michigan WR Roman Wilson blasts Ohio State's toughness after big win

In the aftermath of the Michigan Wolverines‘ significant victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes, wide receiver Roman Wilson had some pointed remarks about the perceived toughness of their rivals. His comments add another layer to the storied rivalry, especially following Michigan's 30-24 win at the Big House.

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Wilson's Candid Comments on Ohio State's Toughness

Roman Wilson, in a candid reflection on the game, questioned the toughness of the Ohio State players.

“Definitely not,” Wilson said. “I told the receivers this whole week: You’ve got guys back there — this is a thing I thought too — guys who you want to put on the Louis V, the thousand-dollar outfit. You want to act hard. But when we’re out there, they’re not hard. I see the film: You’re not tough.

Wilson also shared his personal approach to the game, emphasizing his commitment to physicality.

“And I don’t think I’m the toughest guy in the world. But I'm out there, I’m getting physical. I don't think they wanted it like I wanted it.” 

The Context of Wilson's Remarks

These comments come in the wake of a hard-fought game where Michigan advanced to the Big Ten Championship Game. The victory was particularly impressive given that the team was without head coach Jim Harbaugh, serving the final game of his suspension. Offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore stepped up in Harbaugh's absence, guiding the team to a win over the Buckeyes, who were led by head coach Ryan Day.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Wilson's Critique of Ohio State: Roman Wilson openly criticized the toughness of Ohio State players, dismissing their on-field tenacity and suggesting a disparity between their appearance and actual gameplay.
  2. Michigan's Continued Dominance: The Wolverines' recent win over Ohio State, their third consecutive victory in this rivalry, adds weight to Wilson's remarks, underscoring Michigan's physical and strategic superiority in recent matchups.
  3. Victory in Harbaugh's Absence: Michigan's win was even more significant as it came without head coach Jim Harbaugh. The successful performance under offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore's leadership highlights the team's resilience and adaptability.

The Bottom Line

Roman Wilson's blunt assessment of Ohio State's toughness speaks to the intensity and passion of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. His remarks reflect not just a personal stance but also the prevailing sentiment within the Michigan camp following their recent victory. As the Wolverines prepare for the Big Ten Championship against Iowa, this win and the accompanying narrative of physical dominance add to their momentum and confidence.