Miguel Cabrera does the Conor McGregor after nearly getting drilled by pitch [Video]

Yep, Miguel Cabrera just pulled off the Conor McGregor after some sweet chin music! #MiggyBeingMiggy

Detroit Tigers‘ future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera may be struggling at the plate in his final season, but that does not mean he is not having a ton of fun. Throughout his entire career, Cabrera has acted like a kid playing the game he loves, and that continued on Friday night against the Chicago White Sox. During the top of the seventh inning, with the count full, Cabrera was nearly drilled with a pitch, and his reaction was perfection. In fact, MMA legend Conor McGregor would love what Miggy did.

Miguel Cabrera Conor McGregor

Miguel Cabrera does the Conor McGregor after nearly getting hit

Take a look as Miggy has a little bit of fun after nearly getting drilled by a pitch.

Miggy Being Miggy

Nobody loves having fun on the baseball field more than Cabrera does. In fact, throughout his career, it has often been said that Cabrera is just a big kid out there playing baseball. We are going to miss the days of Miggy mashing the baseball, but we will equally miss the fun he brought to the field each and every day.