Mike Tomlin shows Michigan State HC Mel Tucker how to address a rumor [Video]

In case you missed it from Monday, Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker was asked to comment on the rumors about him being a candidate for the head coaching job at LSU, and rather than making it clear that he is not interested, he dodged the question.

“My focus is on the upcoming game against the school down the road,” he said, referring to the much-anticipated showdown with rival Michigan. “That’s where my concentration and my focus is.”

Ever since that moment, plenty speculated that Tucker may actually be interested in LSU since technically, he did not say he is not.

Well, another coach who has been mentioned in rumors is Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, who has been brought up as a candidate to become the next head coach at USC.

On Tuesday, Tomlin was asked about the rumors and showed Tucker exactly how you address something that has no truth to it.

Check it out.

Now, maybe Tucker does have an interest in LSU, which is his prerogative, but by avoiding the rumors, he is just raising even more questions about whether or not he is committed to the Spartans.

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