Mike Valenti bashes caller who was happy with Lions’ win over Bears

Heading into Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions sat at 4-7 with their only real chance of making the playoffs being if they were to win their final five games of the season.

Well, the Lions took the first step of their playoff goal by coming back to beat the Bears 34-30 at Soldier Field.

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Following the win, plenty of Lions fans were celebrating the win while others were shaking their head because the win moves them down in the 2021 NFL Draft order.

On Monday, while doing his show on 97.1 The Ticket, Mike Valenti heard a call from a lady by the name of Lisa, who called into the stations morning show, and was happy with the Lions win. Not surprisingly, Valenti took the opportunity to rip Lisa a new one.

“You know why we can't be happy about it (the win), a.) they are not going anywhere, they are bringing in a new GM, they are bringing in a new head of player personnel and they're bringing in an entirely new staff,” Valenti expressed on “The Valenti Show with Rico” Monday. “Those people are not going to like the people you adore. They're going to rip it limb from limb. And the biggest way we get what we want or what the new people who take over need is to be as high as possible in the draft. Winning that game yesterday does not accomplish a single, positive thing.”

He added, “Maybe you enjoyed watching grown men hug and maybe you were emotionally moved, (but) I was pissed, because it doesn't help us. It doesn't get us anywhere, Lisa (the name of a caller). Grow up. It's not a Disney movie, Lisa. There is no happy ending. It's over.”

Nation, which side do you fall on? Are you happy with every Lions' win or do you agree with Valenti that they had absolutely nothing to gain by beating the Bears?

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  1. what in the hell does he wants this team to do? roll over and play dead for the rest of the season to get a better draft pick? the problem is and has been coaching and the front office non sense. lose the rest of the games and keep the loser mentality they have had for years? non sense! a winning mentality is everything, continue with the loser label and be the lions we all know is and will not be the answer period. go ahead, change the coach and GM, if these guys don’t believe they can compete and win, a new staff and GM will not take the lions out of the twilight zone which they had been for years!

  2. I agree with Valenti’s reasoning 100%. But there is no way these guys are going to roll their helmets on the ground and try to lose. They aren’t engineered that way. Same with a fan. It’s unnatural to root for a loss.

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