Mike Valenti states ultimatum for Mel Tucker, Michigan State [Video]

Mike Valenti States Ultimatum for Mel Tucker: Find out what Valenti said on Thursday about what Tucker must do in 2023.

Mike Valenti states ultimatum for Mel Tucker

Michigan State alum and prominent radio personality Mike Valenti has once again stirred the pot on Thursday afternoon with his candid remarks about Spartans football coach, Mel Tucker. Valenti's focus was directed toward the leadership of MSU football, specifically targeting Tucker. Valenti believes that Tucker's future with the Spartans largely depends on the team's performance this year, emphasizing, “Mel Tucker’s entire career comes down to this year.”

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What Did Valenti Say?

Here are some of Valenti's quotes about Tucker:

“[Tucker] stuck by, what I think right now are, very questionable coordinators in Jay Johnson and Scottie Hazelton,” Valenti said. “He’s a Top 10-paid coach, and there’s no world where Jay Johnson and Scottie Hazelton are Top 25 coordinators. So, you’ve got a problem there and that’s on him.”

“Did Tuck go to the portal to get a QB? No. So, now we’ve got your guys. It’s one of three guys who take the job,” Valenti said. “Mark Dantonio was 0-for-3 on quarterback competitions. He botched all three of them. The happy accident was Connor Cook. Connor Cook saved Mark’s bacon.”

“Mel Tucker has a quarterback competition that he has to get right,” Valenti said. “If you get it wrong, in today’s world, you’re going to lose the guys that you should have chose. If you get it right, you’re going to have a multi-year starter, which is super valuable.”

Mike Valenti states ultimatum for Mel Tucker

“Clock management, special teams, a defense that isn’t 130th in America, stupid penalties, idiocy, blown assignments,” Valenti said. “Here’s where I’m at right now – Recruiting is not where it needs to be, the transfer portal is not where it needs to be, the product on the field is not where it needs to be.”

“I don’t think he’s going to get fired. He will have 2024,” Valenti said. “My point is, if this year doesn’t look different, if this year doesn’t put out a high-quality product – and again, brutal schedule. But if you can’t get to 8 wins, you’re not much of a coach. That’s just reality.

“Anything short of Michigan State doing a 180 from last year, winning seven [or] eight games, showing competency, young players contributing – you’re talking about coordinators out, you’re talking about the old C-Y-A mode, the old Lovie Smith model – everyone’s fired but you. You’re talking about a program that would have gone two straight years being a complete embarrassment on the field and it would be one of the five hottest seats in America in ‘24. I think it’s that kind of year for Mel Tucker.”

“He has to show something here. Otherwise, if you don’t, the narrative that you were made by Kenneth Walker – if they don’t produce this year and do something, that narrative gains real traction.”

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Mike Valenti believes Mel Tucker's future with Michigan State hinges on this season's performance.
  • Valenti criticizes Tucker for not making pivotal staff changes and challenges his leadership quality.
  • Despite the critique, Valenti acknowledges Tucker's positive influence on Michigan State football but demands better outcomes.

Bottom Line – A Spartan's Challenge Ahead

While the world of college football is no stranger to high expectations and rigorous scrutiny, it's crucial for coaches and teams to rise to the occasion. Mel Tucker faces a pivotal season that could define his legacy at Michigan State. Valenti's comments underscore the broader sentiment and anticipation surrounding the Spartans. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Tucker and his team, awaiting a performance that satisfies the fans and solidifies Michigan State's position in the competitive landscape of college football.