Mike Valenti makes disturbing comments about Michigan vs. Michigan State game

Mike Valenti says Wolverines fans should not attend the Michigan vs. Michigan State game this year in East Lansing.

The animosity between Michigan vs. Michigan State is a well-known fixture of college sports, but recent remarks from 97.1 The Ticket host Mike Valenti have stoked the fires of contention to worrying heights. Following a grim incident last year where two Wolverines were assaulted by Spartans post-game, leading to several suspensions and criminal charges, the rivalry's intensity has ignited serious debates about its future.

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Mike Valenti makes disturbing comments about Michigan vs. Michigan State game

The scheduled face-off between the two teams on Oct. 21 in East Lansing has become a heated topic, not least because of the comments made by Valenti. Valenti, a Michigan State alum, has used his substantial platform to depict a dangerous scenario of potential violence for Michigan fans attending the game.

“Here’s the PSA I would offer and it’s not hyperbole,” Valenti said. “I’m being real with you because people are nuts and I don’t condone what all people do. But I’m just telling you friendly advice if you’re a Michigan fan, don’t be there. Don’t be there. Don’t bring the women and children. Don’t be there. Don’t show up in your egregious butter themed t-shirt garb. Don’t be there. It’s the equivalent of playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

“That is going to be arguably the most hostile environment this rivalry’s ever had. Ever. Ever… it will be a tinder box. Don’t be there. Find something else to do somewhere other than East Lansing. I would never, if I was a Michigan fan, be at that game, because there’s decent odds you’ll be eating a battery. I don’t condone it, I ain’t telling people to behave that way. But I know what Spartan fans are feeling and how that’s going to go down after what happened last year. And how MSU got railroaded. Yeah, that is not a place to be. Don’t bring the kids.”

Key Points

  • The Michigan and Michigan State rivalry has witnessed an increase in hostility.
  • A previous assault incident escalated tensions and led to multiple suspensions and charges.
  • Radio host Mike Valenti issued a controversial statement warning Michigan fans of potential violence at the upcoming game.
  • Valenti's comments have sparked concerns and debates about the limits of rivalry.
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The Bottom Line – Rivalry or Recklessness?

The controversial comments by Mike Valenti signify a worrying development in the Michigan vs. Michigan State rivalry. The crossing of a line from spirited rivalry to the implication of violent conflict underscores the need for careful stewardship of public platforms. As the sporting world takes note, it becomes crucial to foster an environment of sportsmanship, respect, and safety, even amidst the most intense of rivalries. At the end of the day, it is a game of football and the emphasis should remain on the thrill of the competition, not the fear of the stands.