MUST SEE: Detroit Lions release Christmas video that will have you rolling!

The Detroit Lions are certainly ready for Christmas!

Check out the Jib Jab Christmas video the released featuring Matthew Stafford, Golden Tate, Marvin Jones Jr., and Theo Riddick.

Let's just hope they are still just as excited after Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Who knows, maybe they will even do a Christmas touchdown dance when they score against the Bengals.


UH OH! Multiple Detroit Lions’ starters included on Week 16 Inactives list

It’s no mystery, the Detroit Lions absolutely must win their Week 16 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals if they want a chance at getting into the NFL Playoffs.

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LOOK: REAL Detroit Lions rooting guide for the rest of the season

With the NFL’s regular season winding to an end, there’s an ocean of “rooting” guides out there to digest. Full of reckless optimism for (insert team here) to make the playoffs if x, y, and z all fall into place, it seems like they miss the mark. In fact, that vast ocean feels a lot like being up sh*t creek. No paddle of course.

They promise to be a quick breakdown of who we the fans should be cheering for outside of our own team. Really, they’re nothing more than a crude explanation of what tiebreakers are needed for which teams to reach the postseason. What’s insightful about a written explanation of ESPN’s playoff machine? And more importantly, why is THAT scenario the one we should be rooting for? Why are some of us so desperate to squeak into the wild card by the skin of our teeth just to get sent home with our tails between our legs?

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