MUST SEE: Lions Marvin Jones and Eric Ebron pull off Rock’Em Sock’Em TD celebration

Matthew Stafford's 200th career touchdown pass on Monday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers was a thing of beauty.

What was even better though, was Marvin Jones Jr's touchdown celebration. Don't worry if you missed it. Here it is again.

Marvin Jones transformed into Cassius Clay to knock out his teammate Eric Ebron and retain the Monday Night Football heavyweight championship belt. Just like Rocky.

The touchdown catch was Jones' fourth on the year, and Stafford's 13th through the air.

The NFL's leniency on touchdown celebrations has not so quietly been the best part of the football season. Every game we are seeing players get more creative and interactive with their choreography after scoring. Let's hope the Lions can give us more scores and more celebrations as the game progresses.


LOOK: ‘The Rock’ has a message for Lions WR Golden Tate following TD celebration

The Detroit Lions may be getting dominated by the New Orleans Saints but that does not mean they have not had a few highlights along the way.
Watch as Golden Tate scores a 45-yard touchdown as he flips into the end zone.

Following the score, Tate did not waste any time by celebrating with, you guessed, “The People’s Elbow,” which, of course, was made famous by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It did not take long for “The Rock” himself to catch wind of Tate’s touchdown celebration as he tweeted out his approval.

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